Male Taylor Swift? This Seattle Photographer Finds It Hard To Be ‘Tay-Tay’

Is there a male Taylor Swift? Yes there is, and he lives in Seattle.

Is this man enjoying his unexpected fame? He’s not liking it as much as you’d expect, though it does have its perks.

For Taylor Adam Swift, a 30-year-old photographer, life was fine until about 10 years ago when a female country singer with the same first and last name suddenly skyrocketed to fame. While the singer was enjoying her new-found success and super-stardom, Adam found his life getting more and more difficult.

At first, Adam was seeing his name on billboards and thought it a little amusing. Then he started getting fan mail meant for the country star at his address as well as his original gmail account, where the username “taylorswift” caused him headaches to the point where he was forced to change it.

That wasn’t all of the problems that the male Taylor Swift has faced. He increasingly found it difficult to advertise his photography wares because the singer kept crowding out the Google results.

Of course, Adam isn’t the only one who developed a problem with “Tay-Tay” in recent times. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jesse Graham claims that Swift stole the lyrics to “Shake it Off” from his own song, and he’s suing her for millions. This could be chalked up to the possibility that she hadn’t known his music existed when she allegedly wrote and performed the song for her 1989 album.

Taylor Adam Swift is probably happy he’s not a musician, or he might find himself unfortunately competing with his super-popular country-turned-pop female counterpart. It’s hard enough to just get his business going sharing her name.

It’s not all bad though, the male Taylor Swift admitted to Mitch Pittman of Seattle’s Komo 4 News, as reported by Fox San Antonio. Even though he faces daily astonishment when he tells strangers his name, he does appreciate the positive reinforcement he gets from mail not actually meant for him. Due to mistaken identity, he’s often told in fan mail that he’s “beautiful,” “a great singer,” and “an inspiration to many young girls.”

According to Huffington Post, Adam’s new-found mistaken fame has evolved since it first hit, “I was kinda like, [okay], I should look into this. So I started researching, [and] I was like, ‘[Okay], so she does country music, that’s great. She writes her own music, that’s awesome! She seems like a great person.'”

Fans across the world would certainly agree with that statement, as the singer has visited fans, called a young girl dying of cancer, and even invited a newlywed couple backstage to meet her after a concert. Swift has even made monetary contributions to personal fund-raisers for people in dire need. She has proven over and over that her heart hasn’t grown calloused from the fame.

For Adam though, the singer’s rise to fame has led to people not believing the photographer when he tells them his name. He even recounted a scene at a local coffee shop, “When at Starbucks, they ask your name. And you say Taylor, and it’s like ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be funny if your last name was Swift?’ It’s like… here’s my debit card, ha ha ha, surprise.”

Technically, the male Taylor Swift isn’t the only one who shares the singer’s name. According to a public records search on Nexis, at least 54 people across the United States have the same name, including mostly women in their 20s much like the famous singer.

It’s unknown if Adam plans to change his name or simply attempt to change the focus to his second name. When baristas at Starbucks make fun of you for your name, being the male Taylor Swift can be a burden.

[Feature image via KOMO News screen grab, Jason Merritt / Getty Images]