Nicole Holder Photos: 47 Images Of Greg Hardy's Ex-Girlfriend Shown In Photos With Bruises

Paula Mooney

New photos of Nicole Holder have been published online, showing what injuries Holder -- the ex-girlfriend of NFL star Greg Hardy -- allegedly suffered by his hands. Reportedly, the injury photos of Nicole weren't supposed to make it out to the public. Nonetheless, the photos reportedly showing Holder's bruised back are striking a chord with online viewers, and those tweeting about Nicole Holder on Twitter after viewing the shocking photos.

Holder had no shoes on when Nicole ran upon seeing the police. Holder said that the bruises in the now infamous photos came from when Hardy allegedly choked Holder to the point at which she told him to go ahead and kill her so she wouldn't have to kill herself.

"Kill me so I don't have to."

"It doesn't matter. Nothing is going to happen to him anyways."
"Deadspin has obtained hundreds of pages of those records, some previously reported—police reports, interview transcripts, and more. Photos, dozens of them, show bruises over much of Holder's body, including her back, her arms, her legs, her chin, her neck, and even her foot."

Hardy reportedly won't talk about the night in question when the bruising occurred. And Nicole won't talk about it either, because Hardy received a settlement for the incident. Now that the photos have hit the press, it'll be interesting to see how Greg Hardy's NFL career and any endorsement deals are affected as a result.

While the case was expunged and Nicole received monies for the assault, as reported by the Charlotte Observer, a fact that had an effect upon the case, the photos of Holder made it out anyway. Deadspin explained why they chose to publish the controversial photos of Nicole, with warnings that they are graphic.

"[On Deadspin are] many, but not all, of the photos taken of Nicole Holder within 24 hours of when she says Hardy attacked her. Many are disturbing and hard to look at; our decision to publish them was based on the convincing evidence they present of what happened that night."