UC Merced Stabbing Suspect Faisal Mohammad ‘Manifesto’ Revealed: Planned To Do Worse But ‘People Fought Back’

The University of California Merced stabbing suspect that terrorized the California university campus Wednesday during a knife-wielding stabbing rampage before being shot dead had several more sinister plans on his murderous agenda. The stabbings he carried out meant only to be the beginning of his carnage, reports Fox News.

According to the Merced County Sheriff, the 18-year-old UC Merced freshman, Faisal Mohammad, was hoping to shoot people with a gun he would grab from a police officer, then go after a “specific person” that apparently had kicked him out of a study group.

Fortunately, the UC Merced student was shot dead before he could attempt to carry out any of these plans, though four people suffered stab wounds from Mohammad before he was taken out by police.

Good news for the victim’s families and the UC Merced community, all stabbing victims are expected to recover.

According to investigators, the weapon used in the stabbings was an eight- to 10-inch hunting knife.

A photo purportedly captured out the window of a UC Merced classroom, posted on the Twitter page of @thekidfrommarz, is believed to show a victim receiving aid from emergency personnel.

The plan of the UC Merced stabbing suspect was revealed during an autopsy on the deceased 18-year-old’s body, the coroner finding a “manifesto” on the dead stabbing culprit, said Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke.

A look inside the backpack that the UC Merced stabbing suspect was wearing during his attacks and when he was shot also revealed petroleum jelly, ziptie handcuffs, night vision goggles, duct tape and a hammer, reports the Daily Mail.

In the manifesto, the UC Merced stabbing suspect detailed plans that involved strapping students to desks with the zipties and using the petroleum jelly as a kind of booby trap that would cause a police officer responding to the stabbing, to slip and fall, thereby allowing Mohammad to seize the officer’s gun.

Once armed, according to the UC Merced stabbing suspect’s manifesto, he planned to shoot named targets he had listed.

But before his seemingly far-fetched plan could even try to unfold, Mohammad ran into a major problem in the form of UC Merced students and employees reacting and fighting back, according to Sheriff Warnke.

“His plan went haywire because people fought back. He got so befuddled at the activities that happened; it took the script away from him.”

UC Merced stabbing hero, Price
Stabbing victim, Byron Price, pictured with his fiance, confronted the UC Merced stabbing suspect, and is being praised for likely preventing the death of a student stabbing victim.

Along with others, Sheriff Warnke emphasized that Mohammad’s stabbing attack on the UC Merced campus was not terrorism, but the emotional reaction to a negative social interaction. At the same time, Mohammad did reportedly “praise Allah in his writings.”

But UC Merced Chancellor, Dorthy Leland, also stressed that the stabbing suspect wasn’t motivated by “a political agenda.”

“At this point, it would be irresponsible to draw such conclusions based solely on the ethnicity of the suspect. At this point in time, the preliminary evidence suggests that freshman computer science and engineering student Faisal Mohammad of Santa Clara appears to have been motivated by personal animosities, not a political agenda.”

Regardless, the stabbing attack was terrifying and disturbing on many levels, with Mohammad, who his roommate called “anti-social,” described as looking like he was enjoying himself as he cut the throat of the first student victim in a UC Merced classroom.

One of those stepping up to take on Mohammad as he engaged in his stabbing attack was construction worker Byron Price, 31, who overheard some commotion and came running.

Confronting Mohammad, Price was stabbed in his left side, and also described Mohammad the stabber as looking disturbingly pleased while carrying out his attack.

“He (Mohammad the stabbing suspect) had a smile on his face, he was having fun – which is more what bothers me… I just kind of kicked at him. It was a really big knife and he was swinging it down so I figured if I was on the ground and my feet were at him, he could get my legs and not my body.”

Sheriff Vern Warnke praised Price’s intervention during the stabbing episode and his willingness to confront Mohammad, saying that his heroic act could very well be what prevented the first victim that was attacked from being stabbed to death.

Following the stabbing violence, Price, perhaps November’s top American Samaritan, reportedly drove himself from the UC Merced campus to the hospital where he received nine staples.

And having survived the UC Merced stabbing, Mr. Price is now reportedly resting at home with his children and fiance.

[Image by Ian Waldie/Getty Images]