Naked David Cameron To Be Burned At The Stake In Pig-Gate Renactment

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron may just be the country’s most unpopular leader in history. Cameron’s critics argue that he is leading a party that is stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Many people in the U.K. believe that Cameron’s welfare reforms are causing a great deal of unnecessary hardship for the most vulnerable people in British society. As Britain celebrates Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, it will be thought fitting that Cameron is to be burnt at the stake — sort of.

You will perhaps recall how millions of people around the world reacted with a ghoulish delight when Cameron’s erstwhile friend, Lord Ashcroft, claimed that Cameron had taken part in a bizarre initiation ceremony whilst a student. Ashcroft was a huge donor to Cameron’s Conservative party, but it seems that he has fallen out of love with Cameron’s styles of government. Prime Minister Cameron is widely accused of surrounding himself with former members of the Bullingdon Club.

For those outside of the U.K. who may not have heard of the Bullingdon Club, it is an unofficial male-only dining club for students at Oxford University. Cameron was a member, as was his chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, and London Mayor Boris Johnson. It is noted for its wealthy members, grand banquets, and boisterous rituals, such as the vandalising of restaurants and college rooms.

The Daily Mail reported back in September that the internet reacted with hilarity, and Cameron was made a worldwide laughing stock, when the pig-gate scandal emerged. Lord Ashcroft fell out with Cameron after the Prime Minister refused him a ministerial role in his 2010 government. Ashcroft got his own back when he revealed in a book that Cameron had placed his penis in the mouth of a dead pig’s head during a bizarre initiation ritual for the Piers Gaveston Society when he was a student.

Ashcroft also alleged that Cameron smoked cannabis and snorted cocaine whilst he was a student. According to the Guardian, the whole furor seemed to have died down, but today, Cameron has been shown that the allegations are far from forgotten. Tonight, a giant effigy of Cameron sitting naked on a golden throne with a pig’s head perched in his lap will be burned at Lewes’ bonfire night celebration.

The effigy of Prime Minister Cameron is 15 feet tall, and will be burnt this evening as part of the Sussex town’s annual bonfire festival. Lewes is the unofficial bonfire capital of England, and seven bonfire societies parade through the town with effigies in a torchlight parade before they are burned. According to the Mirror, the effigy of David Cameron was supposed to stay secret until tonight, but it is so big that it could not be kept hidden.

As a result, prime Minister Cameron is once again subject to a barrage of insults and has become the butt of numerous internet jokes.

The resurrection of the so called pig-gate scandal is sure to prove a huge embarrassment to Cameron at a time when the Independent claims that he was made to look awkward whilst entertaining a furious Egyptian president al-Sisi. The Egyptian president is said to be furious that Cameron did not discuss banning U.K. flights both from and to the Red Sea resort of Sharm-el-Sheik after the tragic loss of a Russian flight carrying over 200 passengers last weekend.

Cameron’s decision to ground all flights to and from the Egyptian resort has left 20,000 British holiday-makers stranded in Egypt.

[Photo by Stefan Rousseau / WPA Pool / Getty Images]