Netroots Nation Panelists Liken a Healthy Economy to Cancer

Netroots Nation Convention panels

| The Netroots Conference, the largest gathering of liberal organizations in America, took place over the past weekend. Progressives meets to network and devise plans for influencing political and social change. During a Netroots Conference panel a discussion entitled “Beyond Occupy: What Does a New Economic System Look Like,” moderator Jenifer Fernandez-Ancona led a discussion on how differently liberals and conservatives view the economy and surmised that “a growing economy is like a cancer,” according to panel archives.

A deep divide between not only how liberals and conservatives view the economy but also a host of equally important national issues was readily apparent at the annual Netroots convention. One of the progressive organizers of the event contributed to the economic discussion by adding that he feels the overall goal of the economy should be “happiness, like maximizing happiness.” according to panel transcript excerpts republished in The Blaze.

When an economy is healthy, happiness will surely follow, but hard work and fiscally responsible budgeting must occur for such an economy to emerge. The fair share concept often touted by President Barack Obama must also include those at the bottom of the income scale adding to the a combined economic effort. The growth of an entitlement culture in America began long before Obama’s term in office, but must be curtailed and replaced with a work ethic so when the economy does turn around the burden of the taxpayers is forever lessened.

If equating a healthy economy with both cancer and happiness were not enough to make the Netroots Conference appear more than a little warped, comments about the sex lives of conservatives surely will. A convention follow-up article on The Blaze focused on the “Liberate Your Ass” panel discussion. During the workshop panelist Elisabth Frenandez-Kimmel stated members of the “right” have either “crappy” sex or coerced sex with animals, “illegitimate” citizens and children. Frenandez-Kimmel sums up the political landscape by noting that members of the “right” are “projecting” their twisted and weird sex lives onto the leftist community. Juvenile tirades and uniformed rhetoric which sprang from the Netroots Conference only lends more credence to why there should be a new occupant in the Oval Office come November.