670-Yard U.S. Open Hole Criticized By Phil Mickelson

The 670-yard hole at the U.S. Open this year is easily the “worst” on the course. The professional golfers competing in the tournament this weekend have been tight-lipped about the monstrous hole, but good ol’ Phil Mickelson was open and honest about his opinion of the 16th hole.

Mickelson said that the hole, which is the longest in US Open history, is definitely the “hardest” and arguable “the worst” hole on the course.

The golfer, who has finished runner-up at the US Open five times but has never won, said that the 16th hole could really destroy some great scores.

Mickelson said:

“I believe that you play 15 holes of really tough, tough golf, and you finally get to your first par 5 and it’s the toughest hole on the course. I think 16 will play more over par in stroke average than any hole on the course. That would be my prediction.”

Mickelson said that the hole doesn’t leave players with a lot of options, saying:

“I think great holes provide different strategy and different options… With the tee back on 16, it eliminates any options. There’s only one way to play it (with driver). No. 13 at Torrey Pines was just as bad (in the 2008 Open). But as a player, you have to think about how to play it most effectively.”

But before he stuck his foot in his mouth, he added:

“I would never say it’s an unfair hole… I just don’t think it’s a good hole. It’s a case where longer is not better.”

The organizers of the US Open said that they designed the 670 yard hole to make sure that it was a true three-shotter. USGA executive director Mike Davis said:

“The reason we did that is we really felt that would make it a true three-shotter. The wonderful thing about that hole is that from the back, if you miss any one of your shots, it’s awful hard to catch up.”

Louis Oosthuizen said that the 670-yard hole is definitely a three shotter, saying: “If anybody is on the green in two this week, that’s something special.”

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