Beyonce Fails Houston LGBT Community, Adele Advises Social Media Break To Boost Marriage [Video]

Beyonce has come under fire from a Houston LGBT group after the “Drunk in Love” singer stayed silent as the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance comes under threat. Activist Carlos Maza reached out to Beyonce, who is a Houston native, to help his cause, but Beyonce has yet to speak out, sparking the ire of the LGBT community, reports the Mirror.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) prohibits “discrimination on the basis of 15 different characteristics, including race, sex, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity,” which might be repealed in a public vote. Beyonce, who has spoken out about discrimination in the past, was asked to support the cause over social media — but the chanteuse has remained mum on the subject.

Beyonce, who is known as a fierce feminist, recently shared in LGBT magazine OUT that she strives for “human rights and equality, not just that between a woman and a man,” so asking her to support an LGBT cause seemed a natural step to Maza.

So the activist, who says he “spent more time worshiping” Beyonce than any other celebrity, penned a blog asking Beyonce to publicly support HERO, hoping she would speak out. Using the hashtag #BeyBeAHERO, local supporters tried to get the singer’s attention, to no avail. As the campaign gained national attention, the LGBT community’s pleas to Beyonce went unanswered.

Carlos Maza penned an additional think piece in the Huffington Post that begged Beyonce for support since laws “like HERO tend to lose, badly, when they’re put up for a public vote.”

In his article, Maza claimed, when it came to HERO, Beyonce “had a golden opportunity to oppose an active effort to legalize discrimination against LGBT Houstonians,” but, Maza claims, Beyonce failed the community.

Maza wrote that all Beyonce had to do was share the cause over social media to activate interest and support in the campaign, and the LGBT community is disappointed the “Single Ladies” singer ignored requests for her help.

“It wouldn’t have taken more than a single Instagram post,” Maza insisted, and Beyonce “would have inserted herself as a real, active ally, proving her support for the LGBT community is more than mere lip service.”

The backlash against Beyonce was immediate, with fans expressing their disappointment that Beyonce was silent, reports the Mirror.

One fan wrote, “I am disappointed in beyonce. [sic] Yeah, I said that. Bey, you were not a HERO. #BeyBeAHERO.”

But it’s possible Beyonce wasn’t aware of the campaign.

Amid rumors that her marriage is breaking up, it seems Beyonce might be taking a bit of a break from social media — thanks to fellow singer Adele. According to the Mirror, Adele advised Beyonce that staying away from social media is the reason for her happy marriage, so it’s possible Beyonce might not have even heard about the #BeyBeAHERO campaign.

Adele and Beyonce have been friends for a while, reports the Mirror, and with her marriage to Jay-Z constantly under speculation, Beyonce turned to Adele for some advice. An insider revealed to Now magazine that “Adele has shared with her one major bit of advice that she lives by: no more social media.”

Adele, who avoids social media for fear she’ll send drunken tweets, is “intensely private and credits keeping her relationship with [her boyfriend] out of the spotlight as the secret of their happiness,” and she recommended Beyonce avoid social media, too.

Beyonce, who is also fairly quiet about her relationship with Jay-Z, does often share family photos over Instagram, but otherwise refrains from talking about her marriage much over social media.

Representatives for Beyonce were asked for a comment about whether the singer will take a stand against discrimination in Houston, but have yet to respond.

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