Sandy Alderson Collapses While Talking To Reporters [Video]

Sandy Alderson took a tumble Wednesday when he suddenly fainted in the middle of asking questions. The 67-year-old Mets general manager gave everyone a scare, but early reports indicated that the situation wasn’t as serious as initially thought. Alderson apparently forgot that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason.

Sandy, who’s been the GM with the Mets since 2010, participated in the first post-World Series press conference for the team since their devastating loss to the Kansas City Royals. Still, as the New York Times noted, it was a “celebratory” affair. After all, the Mets won its first pennant in 15 years on the back of an amazing season. Sandy Alderson seemed optimistic that it would be a positive experience that the team could build on. The conference itself was meant to announce that team manager Terry Collins had received a contract extension through 2017. Given the impressive work Collins put in to help improve the Mets, his extension is hardly a surprise.

However, the headlines-making aspect of the presser occurred when it was over. Sandy was answering additional questions for news reporters as to the state of certain players. It was in the middle of this that Alderson suddenly stopped talking, paled, and began to fall. Luckily, Sandy Alderson’s fall was broken by reporters and photographers who immediately realized that something was wrong.

The New York Times wrote that Sandy was on the floor for about half a minute, during which time he’d briefly lost consciousness. He was brought a bottle of water after he was helped to his feet. Despite the scare, Sandy defused the tension and concern with humor.

The Los Angeles Times quoted the GM as quipping, “OK, so where were we?”

Sandy was reportedly led out of the room by a member of the Mets staff.

There remained some concerns about the seriousness of Sandy Alderson’s condition. However, it was later explained by a staff member (who spoke only on the condition of anonymity) that Alderson was a victim of the ill-advised move to skip breakfast. Apparently, Sandy Alderson hadn’t eaten anything prior to attending the New York Mets presser. This combined with sitting under hot lights for a period of time to answer questions contributed to his light-headedness.

It’s reported that about 20 minutes after the incident, Sandy had eaten and his condition noticeably improved. Alderson was feeling so much better that he decided to pass on a trip to the hospital or going home. Instead, he stuck around to continue working. A former Marine, it’s obvious Alderson has faced way tougher circumstances than getting a little dizzy because he skipped breakfast.

A source did tell the Los Angeles Times that Sandy would be getting in touch with his personal doctor.

This situation serves as a reminder that the body needs certain things to function at full capacity — and to keep you from getting a face full of floor after you fall. Breakfast is considered an important meal for a reason; it allows you to fuel your body for a big day ahead! It’s hoped Sandy will remember to eat an apple or a banana on the way out the door from now on.

It’s also worth noting that people often faint if they are extremely dehydrated. It’s very likely that Alderson was assumed to have been dehydrated, and that’s why he was brought water. Sometimes this is why people pass out, but not always.

Let’s also hope that should Sandy Alderson faint in the future, it’s simply because his Mets won a World Series.

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