Apartment Window Active Shooter Vs. San Diego Police — Police Take To Twitter For Assistance But Not How You’d Think [Updated]

In San Diego, California, local police authorities were called to an emergency situation which involves an active shooter. But once they arrived, they seemed to have another problem on their hands as well.

It all started with a domestic violence call on Wednesday, approximately 9:10 a.m. — according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. At the Bankers Hill apartment complex, an unnamed man has fired shots inside the community.

Well, once authorities arrived, they also found themselves in the line of fire, with the gunman shooting sporadically, as reports the source. Special Weapons and Tactics teams were called to help handle the situation, while locking down nearby streets and schools.

They also advised aviation officials to halt incoming flights to the San Diego airport, at Lindbergh Field. The bullets were said to be traveling within the path of incoming flights. So, to avoid further and preventable incidents, the Federal Aviation Administration barred all incoming flights to the airport. The prohibition has since been lifted.

Nevertheless, San Diego police authorities warned residents and pedestrians that the man had a high-powered rifle. Likewise, they took several street positions in order to isolate the active shooter. While it started off as a domestic violence call, the woman who was involved in the incident made it into police custody. However, law enforcement authorities still have found themselves in duel with the suspect. Reportedly, he has no additional hostages.

While police were under fire, they had another issue on their hands. Someone was giving away their maneuvers to the public, which would also include the shooter. It was a local news source and affiliate. Each time authorities would make a move, the news source would tweet it.

People began advising the news reporter not to give away the officers’ movements or positions. To this, the reporter responded in a follow-up tweet that he agreed with everyone’s advice but also that it wasn’t something he was doing. After a while, San Diego police tagged CBS News – Channel 8 as well as the news reporter in a requested plea-like tweet. It was as follows.

That’s one of the misfortunes of “breaking news.” Sometimes, it can jeopardize the mission — if the suspect is wise enough to do an internet search of his or her own current media standings, or, in this situation, find out all that’s needed to know via Twitter’s live feed.

Well, according to Fox News, the police standoff is still underway. The man is described as a 32-year-old black male around 5 feet 3 inches in height — approximately 290 pounds.

Stay tuned to Inquisitr, as there will be more on this story as it develops. As CBS-8 mentions in its latest tweet, many are “hoping this guy surrenders soon.”

Until then, what are your thoughts?


Since the initial report, the police department negotiated with the suspect for a safe outcome. After this, he surrendered.


Police have identified the suspect as Titus Colbert. There’s speculation that this Facebook profile is the correct profile. However, there has been no confirmation.

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