Evan Peters And Emma Roberts: There’s Still Hope For Romance

Evan Peters recently sat down to talk about the new season of American Horror Story from acting nude to working with Lady Gaga, but what seemed to excite readers most of all were allusions to his relationship with Emma Roberts. Peters and Roberts have more often than not been cast together in projects since 2013’s Adult World, so it seems easy to understand how their relationship would be so tenuous, but Evan seems unable to keep their status completely private.

Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Often Burn Bright, But Also Seem To Last Long

Emma Roberts, Evan Peters
Emma Roberts and Evan Peters may still be an item. Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Image

Since their big break-up earlier this year, eyes have been cast on the former couple with many fans hoping for a reunion between Emma and Peters, but with little hope other than some awkward glances at San Diego Comic Con. Now, it seems Evan himself has given fans hope that his love affair with Ms. Roberts isn’t as dead as they would both have fans believe.

According to Design & Trend, Evan Peters was asked directly about his relationship with Emma Roberts, and while the interviewer was very specific with questions about their engagement, Peters was far less bold in his reply.

“Uh, I mean, don’t know. I can’t. No. I don’t know. I would rather not answer that,” American Horror Story‘s Evan Peters said. “We are trying to keep everything private, you know, to ourselves. It’s our own business. Everyone else can figure it out when they figure it out.”

That reply seems to indicate that Evan and Emma are indeed a couple and possibly that there could be wedding bells in the future, so it’s not surprising that Peters has recently been posting his praises of Roberts’ Scream Queens performances on Instagram, as well.

“I do, yeah,” Peters responded, when asked if he missed working with Roberts. “Hopefully we will get to work together this season. But I am not sure if she is going to be on the show or not.”

American Horror Story Star Evan Peters Bares It All In More Ways Than One


Jumping right into it, Details asked Mr. Peters about the male nudity on American Horror Story, which seems gratuitous to some, specifically asking Evan if he felt comfortable in those scenes. The American Horror Story actor admitted that it’s never a comfortable situation for him, especially with having a “c–k sock” strapping his appendage to his leg. Evan says he tries to focus on the fact that he’s an actor doing a job and not on the fact that millions of viewers will soon be watching that scene.

Something else millions of long-time American Horror Story fans are wondering by now is how different it is to work with Lady Gaga, who is relatively new to acting, versus working with Jessica Lange, who is a living legend and adored by millions.

“Jessica is a veteran at doing this. A legend. And Gaga is new to this whole thing. So there is this younger, fresher excitement. She is happy to be there. And it is revamping the show—we are on season five and we could be tired of doing it,” the American Horror Story actor says. “But each year it’s a different story, so that is incredibly refreshing, not to mention you have this budding actress. I know she has acted before but this is sort of her debut.”

Speaking of Lady Gaga, Peters admits to being a fan of his co-star’s music and cites “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro” among his favorite songs. In fact, the American Horror Story star says he would like to do an on-screen duet of “Bad Romance” with Lady Gaga.

“I would love to see Mr. March bust into that all willy-nilly coming from nowhere. Or even to quote the lyrics, just speaking it to her. That would be hilarious.”

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