Joni Mitchell Recovering From Aneurysm Says Judy Collins

Singer Joni Mitchell is still recovering from a stroke and an aneurysm, but is making progress, according to her friend and successful recording artist Judy Collins. The folk songstress, who has recorded with the who’s who of music, has been working with a therapist on a regular basis and has regained many of her faculties.

Friends have been coming from far and wide to visit with Mitchell, who is notoriously a bit of an introvert and lives alone, but now has a staff of help aids assisting in her recovery. There is debate from friends as to whether or not she is able to speak.

The BBC spoke with Collins about Joni Mitchell’s recovery and her prognosis.

“It does take a long time, three years for my friend, who has really totally recovered professionally and personally. I will try my best to see our songbird when I am in LA in the coming weeks.”

David Crosby, of Crosby, Stills and Nash, who dated Mitchell back in the 60’s, says she’s still not speaking.

“She took a terrible hit,” he said. “She had an aneurysm, and nobody found her for a while. And she’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you struggle back from a traumatic brain injury.”

She is, however, expected to make a full recovery.

According to NME, Mitchell is able to speak once again, and is also up, around and painting, which was always one of her hobbies. According to NME, Judy Collins told them that Joni Mitchell is indeed speaking.

“I have just heard from a close mutual friend that Joni is walking, talking, painting some, doing much [sic] rehab every day, and making good progress — I have another friend who went through something similar.”

Mitchell’s attorney, Rebecca Thyne, recently visited with Joni Mitchell at her California home, and said when she arrived, Mitchell was seated at the kitchen table, feeding herself lunch.

“She also told me that she receives excellent care from caregivers round-the-clock. It was clear that she was happy to be home and that she has made remarkable progress. She has physical therapy each day and is expected to make a full recovery.”

People Magazine is reporting that right now that Joni Mitchell is not able to give informed consent for medical treatment, so for now, she has a conservator. Her long time friend Leslie Morris has been acting in this capacity for Mitchell until she recovers.

“The attorney recommended that Mitchell be judged to lack the capacity to give informed consent for medical treatment and that the singer’s longtime friend Leslie Morris (who has been acting as Mitchell’s temporary conservator) be appointed her conservator.”

Headline News is suggesting that hopes are high that Mitchell will be back to her old self and singing in the way fans remember. Mitchell’s neurosurgeon believes that tests indicate that she is still not able to think well enough to make the best decisions for her recovery and well being.

“While [Mitchell] has made great progress toward recovery, the capacity declaration of [neurologist Paul Vespa] indicates that she lacks capacity to make informed medical decisions,” attorney Rebecca Thyne wrote, according to E!. “I agreed that [Mitchell] still needs assistance with such decisions.”

Joni Mitchell is thankful for all of the thoughts and prayers from fans around the world, and has promised that she will be back,

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