Anna Duggar Divorce: Amy Duggar Says Anna Is Having Fun Without Josh Around

Anna Duggar is doing just fine without her husband around, according to Amy Duggar King. In fact, Anna was feeling cheerful enough to brave a very large crowd to make one of her first major public appearances since she found out that Josh cheated on her.

Josh Duggar’s cousin Amy recently attended a banquet with Anna Duggar, and the girls were all smiles in an Instagram photo that they snapped together on the night of the event. Amy told ET Online that Anna came out of hiding for a banquet benefiting Loving Choices, a Christian women’s health center that seemingly shares Anna Duggar’s anti-abortion views. It provides services like STD screenings and pregnancy tests, but it does not offer abortions or forms of birth control.

Amy And Anna Duggar Pose Together

According to Amy, Anna Duggar was surrounded by supportive family members at the banquet.

“Anna and I go to this fundraiser every year, a lot of the family does,” Amy revealed. “We love babies and just love this event. Aunt Michelle was there, Jessa and Ben were there, my mom, Dillon, a lot of the family was there.”

Amy didn’t address the rumors that Anna is seriously thinking about getting a divorce, but she did hint that Josh Duggar’s embattled wife has discovered that she can be happy without her husband around.

“I think the picture I posted shows how strong Anna truly is, she’s smiling, and has a lot of love around her,” Amy said. “She was talking to people at the event, having so much fun.”

It seems as though Anna Duggar has a bit of a soft spot for her husband’s rebellious cousin who defies Jim Bob Duggar’s strict rules by wearing bikinis and kissing boys before marriage. Even though Anna was going through one of the most difficult times of her life at the time, Anna plastered a smile on her face and attended Amy’s Labor Day weekend wedding.

Amy’s wedding was scheduled just two weeks after Josh Duggar confessed to having an extramarital affair, and he found an excuse to get of town shortly after his bad behavior became public knowledge. Josh was forced to admit to committing adultery when Gawker discovered that he had an account on the Ashley Madison website, and he checked himself into a faith-based treatment center after claiming that he was also addicted to internet pornography.

Anna Duggar At Amy Duggar's Wedding

Amy has been careful not to say too much about Anna Duggar’s marital status in the wake of the Ashley Madison scandal. However, Amy’s husband, Dillon King, did reveal that Anna’s parents were trying to talk her into staying with Josh. This is an indication that Anna has at least considered getting a divorce — if this wasn’t the case, there would be no need for her parents to put any pressure on her.

Hollywood Life recently reported that Anna doesn’t want to give Josh another chance when he returns home next February. A source has allegedly revealed that Josh is desperate to save his marriage, and he’s been trying to convince Anna that “Jesus has restored him.”

“He says that he can’t live without her,” the source revealed. “He says he’s ready to start his life over with her and the family. He’s terrified of losing her and is hoping that his parents can convince her not to leave him.”

Josh’s parents have had plenty of time to convince Anna not to divorce her husband. Anna and her four kids are reportedly living with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and poor Anna is “sleeping in a closet on the second floor” of the Duggar family’s massive Arkansas home. However, Anna allegedly sees through her in-laws’ hospitality and realizes that they’re only offering her a place to stay because they’re afraid that a Duggar divorce will further tarnish their family’s suffering reputation.

“Anna has a new sense of self and isn’t going to put on the happy family show just to please her in-laws. She feels like they are more concerned with image than with the reality of the situation.”

Do you believe there’s any chance that Anna Duggar will divorce Josh, or is her recent outing with members of Josh’s family evidence that she won’t be extricating herself from the Duggar clan anytime soon?

[Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram]