Anna Duggar Attends Anti-Abortion Event With Amy And Jessa, Jim Bob Allegedly Freaks Out About Divorce Talk

Anna Duggar’s husband cheated on his wife, and he came up with an unusual game plan for saving his marriage. Instead of staying home to work things out, Josh Duggar left his wife and kids in Arkansas to spend a few months at a “school of discipleship” in Illinois. However, Anna isn’t spending all her free time in seclusion at home — she recently hung out with Josh’s “rebel” cousin Amy and sister-in-law Jessa at a fundraising banquet for an anti-abortion pregnancy center.

Anna Duggar has kept a low profile ever since it was revealed that her husband had an extramarital affair, but it looks like the former 19 Kids and Counting star is finally ready to start appearing in the public eye once again. According to Radar Online, Anna recently popped up in a photo that was posted on the Instagram page of Josh’s pants-wearing, cleavage-baring cousin Amy.

“Any negative comments will be deleted, just try me,” Amy Duggar captioned the photo below. “She’s beautiful!”

Anny Duggar Is All Smiles In New Photo
Anna Duggar resurfaces on Amy Duggar’s Instagram account (Image via Amy Duggar King/Instagram)

In a second picture that was taken on the same night, Amy revealed that she and her husband attended the Loving Choices banquet in Rogers, Arkansas.

“We loved being a part of the Loving Choices banquet tonight!” Amy wrote.

The Dedicated to the Duggars tumblr page shared a photo of Anna Duggar attending the Loving Choices banquet. She was seated beside sister-in-law Jessa Duggar and family friend Sierra Jo Dominguez. Jessa tweeted a photo that showed Amy sitting at a separate table.

Anna Duggar At Anti-Abortion Event
Anna Duggar attends the Loving Choices banquet (Image via Dedicated to the Duggars Tumblr)

According to the Loving Choices website, the organization is a provider of a lengthy list of women’s health services. The services provided include pregnancy tests, abortion recovery, ultrasounds, options counseling, STD/STI testing, and a care center program. It sounds somewhat similar to Planned Parenthood, but it doesn’t offer abortions. It also doesn’t list birth control as one of its services.

“We give unconditional care to preserve and protect human life so our clients can find hope,” the organization’s mission statement reads.

According to one person who attended the Loving Choices Banquet, Pastor Tony Evans spoke at the event. He praised Loving Choices for “helping women choose life for their unborn babies,” so it should be fairly obvious that Loving Choices is an anti-abortion organization.

Anna Duggar Wears Anti-Abortion Shirt
Anna Duggar has strong feelings about abortion (Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram)

Perhaps it shouldn’t be too shocking that Anna Duggar chose to make her first big public appearance since Amy Duggar’s wedding at an anti-abortion event. Before Josh lost his job with the Family Research Council, she helped her husband promote his anti-choice agenda by engaging in her own social media crusade against abortion. According to E! News, Anna was criticized back in February when she decided to use Black History month to do spread her views on abortion.

“Human beings should be remembered not dismembered. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter,” Anna tweeted. Her message was accompanied by a graphic that read, “Because of the violence of abortion, over 16 million black people are history.”

A large number of Anna Duggar’s Instagram posts are anti-abortion propaganda. She also shared a message comparing abortion to human trafficking.

Anna Duggar Instagram Message About Abortion
Anna Duggar has shared numerous anti-abortion messages like this one on Instagram (Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram)

Anna Duggar hasn’t posted anything on Instagram since Josh Duggar confessed to cheating on her, but perhaps she plans on getting back into the Instagram activism game after her husband returns home from his stint in the Reformers Unanimous “school of discipleship,” a faith-based treatment center. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he’ll likely head back home sometime in February. However, because Josh lost his jobs speaking about “family values” for the FRC and starring on the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting, he currently doesn’t have a way to support his family of six.

Because Josh’s actions have placed Anna Duggar in such a terrible position, there have been numerous reports that she’s thinking about getting a divorce. Hollywood Life recently claimed that Jim Bob Duggar is freaking out because he’s convinced that Anna is going to leave his disgraced son.

“This is more than just about saving their marriage, in Jim Bob’s eyes, he’s fighting to save the entire family,” an unnamed source allegedly said. “If Anna leaves Josh it will be the nail in his coffin for Josh and the rest of the family. Getting Anna back in line and on board is priority one right now.”

Jim Bob is allegedly so convinced that Anna is going to divorce his son that he’s trying to bribe Anna into sticking around by allowing her and Josh to live in a swanky mini-mansion that he owns. However, Anna Duggar’s recent actions seem seem to indicate that Jim Bob has nothing to worry about — if she was planning on ditching Josh Duggar, it seems highly unlikely that she would be spending so much time with his family.

Do you think Anna Duggar will be as outspoken online after Josh Duggar returns home?

[Image via Amy Duggar King/Instagram]