Anna Duggar Divorce: Jim Bob Reportedly Tempts Anna With Fancy New House That Josh Will Also Get To Live In

Anna Duggar will reportedly be rewarded with a mini-mansion for standing by her man after he made his shocking confession that he sexually molested four of his younger sisters and a babysitter. However, according to reports, Anna only gets to live in the luxurious house that Jim Bob Duggar is offering up if she doesn’t divorce Josh Duggar.

Jim Bob runs a real estate business, and he has allowed a few of his kids to live on the properties he’s obtained. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he gifted his daughter Jill with a mini-mansion after she got married. Jessa Duggar is currently living in another Duggar-owned property, the tiny house that Josh and Anna Duggar lived in before they left for Washington, D.C. in 2013. The home had a mold problem, but apparently Jessa and her husband took care of it.

Jessa Duggar might be slightly irked to learn that the badly behaving older brother she was once molested by could be getting his own mini-mansion soon. According to OK! Magazine, Jim Bob spent $345,000 on a “beautiful brick home” just around the corner from the Duggar family compound in Springdale, Arkansas. The print edition of In Touch Weekly claims that Jim Bob purchased the house for Josh and Anna Duggar to move into after Josh completes his stint in a faith-based treatment facility. Jim Bob allegedly thinks that the gift will be enough to keep Anna from filing for divorce. The Duggars are seemingly afraid that Anna will abandon Josh now that she knows that he cheated on her, so they’ve “hinted” that they’ll let the couple and their four kids live in the large house if Anna sticks around.

However, Anna Duggar has no job and a very limited education, so it was unlikely that she was leaving Josh, anyway. The housewife was extremely dependent on her husband, so she needed help after Josh left her and the kids to spend a few months in a faith-based “school of discipleship.” She reportedly turned to her husband’s parents, and she’s currently “sleeping in a closet” in Jim Bob and Michelle’s house. The Duggars didn’t allow Anna and her kids to move into their family’s newly acquired mini-mansion immediately because it was occupied by missionaries Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard until very recently (the couple stayed there during their lengthy visit back home).

Because of their patriarchal religious views, the Duggars might not feel comfortable letting a woman live in the new home alone with her children. This means that Anna and the kids probably won’t get to move in until Josh gets back.

“Nothing is set in stone concerning the new house yet but it’s clear the home is being dangled in front of Anna so she doesn’t pull the plug on her marriage,” a source revealed.

According to the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page, the mini-mansion that Josh and Anna Duggar might get to move into was once inhabited by Jill Duggar’s midwife. The first promo for the TLC special Jill & Jessa: Counting On was filmed in the house.

The house has a pool, which Jessa Duggar shared a photo of on her Instagram page.

Anna Duggar's New House Has A Pool
Jessa hangs out beside the pool that Josh and Anna Duggar may soon own (Image via Jessa Duggar/Instagram)

Anna Duggar made it very clear that she was standing by Josh Duggar after the world found out about his secret sexual molestation scandal. In May, she shared a statement about her husband’s past on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page.

“When my family and I first visited the Duggar Home, Josh shared his past teenage mistakes,” Anna wrote. “At that point and over the next two years, Josh shared how the counseling he received changed his life as he continued to do what he was taught. And when you, our sweet fans, first met me when Josh asked me to marry him… I was able to say, ‘Yes’ knowing who Josh really is – someone who had gone down a wrong path and had humbled himself before God and those whom he had offended.”

Anna went on to praise her husband for being “a man who knows how to be a gentleman and treat a girl right.” However, Anna didn’t even attempt to paint Josh in a positive light after he confessed to cheating on her and having an account on the Ashley Madison website. Josh responded to his second big scandal by releasing another statement, but Anna decided to remain completely quiet this time around.

In a post on Michelle Duggar’s blog, Josh’s parents wrote that their “hearts were broken” and that they were praying for Josh, Anna, and the couple’s four children. Josh admitted that he was “the biggest hypocrite ever” because the Family Research Council (FRC) was paying him to speak about family values while he was being unfaithful to his wife. According to PEOPLE, Josh Duggar no longer has a job working as a celebrity mouthpiece for the FRC, so there’s no word on how he plans on supporting his family after he returns home. According to SheKnows, he’ll likely leave the Reformers Unanimous center sometime in February.

Anna Duggar Happy In D.C.
Josh and Anna Duggar lived in D.C. before Josh lost his job (Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram)

Anna Duggar has remained mum about Josh’s infidelity, and she’s kept a low profile ever since her husband confessed to cheating on her. However, the International Business Times reports that she can be seen smiling in two photos that Jill and Derick took shortly before they returned to Central America. Anna’s presence at the Duggar family home is probably a strong indication that she’s going to try to make her marriage work.

Do you think it’s unfair that Josh will be gifted with a mini-mansion when he returns home? Or are you just relieved that Anna Duggar and the kids are going to be taken care of?

[Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram]

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