Jimmy Fallon Drinking Problem: ‘Tonight Show’ Host Out Of Control?

Does Jimmy Fallon have a drinking problem? The popular Tonight Show host seems to be everyone’s friend, and fans have adored the hilarious talk show host since his time on Saturday Night Live, but does the party ever stop for Fallon?

According to Perez Hilton, those closest to Jimmy Fallon believe he possibly has a drinking problem, and they are worried for his safety after he suffered three injuries in the last four months, allegedly due to alcohol consumption.

The report claims that Fallon’s closest friends and family, as well as NBC execs, are worried about his behavior and believe that he may even need professional help. Back in June, The Tonight Show was forced to go on a two-week hiatus after Jimmy Fallon nearly severed his finger after falling in his home and catching his wedding ring on the side of the counter. The injury required a six-hour surgery and 10 days in the ICU unit of the hospital.

Jimmy Fallon drinking problem impacting his wife?
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Later, Fallon chipped his tooth after he said he tried to open a bottle of scar cream with his mouth. Most recently, Jimmy showed off an injury to his other hand when he was at a party and fell with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. The bottle smashed, and the funnyman landed on the shards of broken glass.

The New York Post reports that while Jimmy Fallon has been making jokes about his injuries, execs over at NBC don’t think it is a laughing matter. Fallon’s friend Seth Herzog revealed last year that everyone has a story about Jimmy in NYC.

“Everyone in New York has a Jimmy Fallon story. It’s always like, ‘In 2000, Jimmy threw this dude out of a bar, or poured his beer on someone, or got on a table and sang a song.'”

Jimmy’s former Saturday Night Live cast mate Horatio Sanz has also revealed in the past that back when they were performing on the show together, they were “super-functioning alcoholics.”

“They say that kind of goes hand in hand with ‘SNL,’ some kind of substance-abuse issues, because it’s so stressful, you easily find yourself blowing off steam a lot.”

It seems that Jimmy Fallon is one of those people who loves to be around other people and have a great time. However, now that Fallon is the host of one of the biggest shows on TV, is married, and has two very young daughters, could it be time that Jimmy stops his party boy ways. However, is that what fans love about him?

“He likes to hang out and be the life of any party,” says a bartender who’s waited on Jimmy many times. “When he’s drunk, he doesn’t care who takes a photo of him.”

Jimmy Fallon drinking problem rumors hit hard.
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It seems the one thing that everyone can agree on when it comes to Jimmy Fallon, besides the fact that he’s super funny and entertaining, is that he’s a down-to-earth guy who hasn’t let his fame change him. Many people claim that Fallon is the same guy he’s always been, and he actually prides himself on being a man of the people, one of those rare celebrities that actually have a great time hanging with their fans and aren’t uptight about their surroundings and the paparazzi while they’re out and about.

Those same fans are the ones hoping that Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have a drinking problem and that he can handle the pressure of being a husband, father, and beloved comedian/talk show host without turning to substance abuse. Jimmy is far too talented to be one of those celebrities who loses it all.

What are your thoughts on the rumors about Jimmy Fallon’s drinking problem?

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