Angelic Valle: Naked Woman Dances In Public, Pours Ketchup On Self, Then Promotes Her Social Media

A viral video has been circulating the net of 23-year-old Angelic Valle stripping naked at a Johnny Rockets in Miami Beach and covering herself in ketchup. The woman has since been arrested and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and lascivious behavior.

According to the Huffington Post, Angelic Valle has been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation as a result of the bizarre video. Witnesses to the event said the naked woman was acting very strangely, with her eyes open wide while breathing heavily, and laughing uncontrollably. The father of Angelic spoke in court on behalf of his daughter.

“She suffers from mental illness,” he told the judge.

Angelic Valle

The naked ketchup incident took place on October 9. It was filmed, uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, and quickly went viral. The video shows Angelic Valle dancing topless while a witness pours water over her body. She then takes off her bottoms, lies back on a Johnny Rockets restaurant table and covers herself with ketchup. At that point, a different witness touches her vagina, which has prompted another police investigation for the man who did it.

Before the cell phone video begins, the local news reported that Angelic Valle first showed up topless in the restaurant, spitting down at people from the top of a staircase. After descending the steps she started flipping over tables and chairs, seemingly to draw attention to her naked self.

At several points during her naked dance, Angelic Valle reportedly charged at several of the men watching her.

But the strangest part of the stunt was what happened at the end. After a witness informed Angelic Valle that the police were on the way, she grabbed a towel and told the crowd, “Look me up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.”

She came back to the restaurant shortly wearing clothes to grab her shoes and bag. She made it out of the Johnny Rockets before police arrived.

See the whole Angelic Valle incident in the censored video here.

The police report says Angelic Valle broke two tables and two glasses, totaling $420 in damage.

“The city of Miami Beach has allocated a lot of resources to improve the lifestyle on Ocean Drive and this is something that will not be taken lightly,” said Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

Angelic Valle later uploaded a video to the Instagram account she advertised with the caption “Ya’ll just mad ’cause you weren’t there,” according to the Daily Mail.

Naked ketchup stunt

“That s*** was fun now that I remember it,” she said. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, arrest me, it was fun. Take me to jail. It was fun. And everybody looked like they were having fun too so yeah.”

Then, on her Facebook page, she posted a message that claimed to explain why she got naked and covered herself in ketchup.

“Ya’ll saw a Jamaican woman. Listen to Vybz Kartel and he’ll explain why I did what I did.”

The man she’s referring to is a Jamaican reggae artist who is currently in prison for murder.

Despite her apparent lack of regret for the incident, Angelic Valle reportedly burst into tears when she appeared in court. The judge set her bond at $3,000.

If the goal of dancing naked in public was to publicize her social media pages, Valle was certainly successful. The viral video has amassed more than a million views and roughly 13,000 comments. The vast majority of the comments condemn her lewd actions, but the video is certainly nothing shocking for the standards of World Star Hip Hop.

Why do you think Angelic Valle got naked and poured ketchup on herself? Does she suffer from mental illness, or was it all an attempt to plug her social media pages?

[Photos courtesy of World Star Hip Hop and the Miami Beach Police Department]