Mike Shay’s Wife Discusses ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Divorce Rumors: ‘We Kind Of Hit A Rough Patch’

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Mike Shay and Scheana Marie are in for a dramatic fourth season of Vanderpump Rules. During the trailer for the upcoming season, which begins airing on Bravo later tonight, fans watch as Mike Shay’s wife breaks down over what she claims is his excessive drinking.

“We kind of hit a rough patch,” Scheana told The New York Post on November 2. “But we’re in this for the long haul, for better or for worse, but the worse came a little early on. What [Mike Shay]’s gone through in the past year is something that a lot of people struggle with.”

While Scheana didn’t directly say that Mike Shay was dealing with addiction issues, which was alluded to by his co-star and friend, Tom Sandoval, that’s certainly how things appear to play out during the show. At one point, a pill addiction is mentioned and during a second instance, Lisa Vanderpump claims Mike Shay needs to get clean.

Although the previews for Vanderpump Rules Season 4 haven’t shown many good moments between Scheana and Mike Shay, she now claims they are in a better place and are focused a positive future, which she hopes will include yet another reality gig.

“I’m focusing on my makeup line, and I would like to do ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” Scheana explained.

If Scheana did join Dancing With The Stars, she wouldn’t be the first Vanderpump Rules cast member to do so. Years ago, Scheana’s boss at SUR Lounge, Vanderpump, also of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was cast on the show.

As for plans for a future family, Scheana said she and Mike Shay aren’t quite ready for to take that step.

“We had a really rocky year and right now, we’re in a really good place. It’s not in our five year plan,” she said.

Scheana and Mike Shay tied the knot during Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules after getting engaged during Season 2 at the home of Vanderpump in Beverly Hills, California. Although Scheana’s co-star, Stassi Schroeder, played a part in the engagement and was expected to be a bridesmaid during the nuptials, she was later ousted from the wedding altogether. Also not included in the bridesmaid lineup was Katie Maloney, who is now one of Scheana’s closest friends.

On Twitter on Monday, as she tuned into the all-day Vanderpump Rules marathon, which is leading up to tonight’s big premiere, Mike Shay’s wife looked back on their wedding, wishing Maloney were included in a bigger capacity.

Scheana and Maloney were on the outs for the first couple of seasons of Vanderpump Rules, but during Season 3, after Scheana suggested Maloney fly to Miami to participate in her and Mike Shay’s bachelor/bachelorette weekend, the two became friends. Unfortunately, their friendship ended the former friendship of Maloney of Schroeder. According to Schroeder, Maloney committed an epic betrayal by being friends with Scheana, and there was simply no way she could forgive her for that. Although Maloney was upset at first, she felt the decision she made was best for both herself and her relationship with Tom Schwartz, and she has no regrets.

For more of Mike Shay and Scheana Marie, as well as their co-stars, tune into the fourth season premiere of Vanderpump Rules tonight, November 2, at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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