Bernie Sanders: President Clinton Would Push Even More Lies If Elected

The fight for the democratic nomination now focuses on Bernie Sanders. President is the title he seeks, and the road there starts to twist. Witness Phase 2 for Bernie Sanders. President of the United States of America, how good it sounds. And Sanders is now defining himself more. He wants to prevent another President Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has again sought to differentiate himself. His campaign is shifting. Over the weekend, he made a stop in New Hampshire at a senior center in Manchester. He took the opportunity, before 20 seniors and the media, to address Clinton by name. Something that has been rare in his campaign until now. He again tore into Clinton’s integrity, showing how she wavers and wobbles over issues.

He told the seniors his views on social security and the great contrast with Clinton, who has been noncommittal in her remarks. Sanders stated he will expand social security. Clinton made no such promise.

And Sanders didn’t wait long before bringing the heat to Clinton. Just minutes into the event he tried to draw a contrast between himself and the former first lady, a sign of the increasing pace of the contest to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.