Was Carole Radziwill Really Caught Nude With Adam Kenworthy?

Carole Radziwill is still in a relationship with her younger boyfriend, Adam Kenworthy. The two met while they were filming The Real Housewives of New York, and they clicked instantly. Heather Thomson was present when they met, and she fully encouraged Carole to pursue a relationship with Adam. But Luann de Lesseps was less than supportive. Not only was Kenworthy her private chef, but he was also her niece’s ex-boyfriend.

Regardless, Carole Radziwill didn’t think twice about dating Kenworthy. The two continued to hang out, and they are still going strong. They do tend to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, so fans will have to wait until the new season of The Real Housewives of New York to see how things are going. But it sounds like Carole may be caught up in a nude scandal.

According to a new Radar Online report, Carole Radziwill is now being linked to a nude scandal. The website claims that multiple insiders have seen nude photos of Radziwill and her younger boyfriend, Adam. The photos were not published, but the website claims that the photos do exist. In one photo, a man who appears to be Kenworthy is spotted in a black and white bathroom showing off his goodies. No word on what the photos of Carole Radziwill look like.


There are multiple reasons why this story is very much false. For one, Carole doesn’t seem like the person who would take nude photos. She knows the power of the internet and even with Adam, she wouldn’t go down that route. Same thing is true with Kenworthy. He is working on a career as a chef in New York, and the last thing he needs is nude photos surfacing on the internet.

This could just be a very hurtful rumor that has been started by someone who wants to hurt the couple. Many Real Housewives of New York fans may have a theory about who wants to hurt the couple, as only one person was against their relationship. Luann de Lesseps seemed very bothered that they continued their relationship, since her niece was hurt by the romance. And as Radziwill has pointed out, she can’t understand why Luann isn’t just happy for her and Adam.

“Luann tried to explain her side of things, and I really, truly did want to hear her, but she kept changing her story. First it was an age thing, then a family thing, then a girlfriends don’t date the help thing. Honestly it seemed all a bunch of bull since she had never mentioned anything close to being ‘ill’ at the sight of Adam and I during the eight months prior to the show airing,” Carole Radziwill reveals about her failed friendship with Luann de Lesseps thanks to her relationship with Adam, according to Bravo.


“If she was, I’m sorry she didn’t come to me and tell me directly. That’s what a friend does. Hey this is becoming a problem…Instead I was completely blindsided by her comments on the show and in the media. Of course, I’d be sorry if it caused her any grief, but I don’t think it did. It was a move by her to get attention and be more relevant. And still at the reunion her stories didn’t track,” Carole points out, revealing that Luann kept changing her story and never came to Carole about the issue.

No word as to where this rumor started, but since there is no proof that the pictures exist, it sounds like this is just another hurtful rumor about Radziwill and Adam Kenworthy. What do you think about this rumor? Do you think Carole Radziwill would take nude photos with Adam?

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