Southern Methodist University: Sorority Member Gives Racist List Of Reasons Black Women Don’t Get Bids

A racist post outlining all the reasons black women should refrain from trying to get into Southern Methodist University sororities is going viral. The anonymous writer claims that black women are not “qualified” to go through recruitment because they are “aesthetically unpleasing” and attend “crappy high schools.” The user goes on to say that the black women probably don’t even deserve to be going to SMU in the first place.

The Daily Mail reports that a post allegedly written by a sorority member from Southern Methodist University is going viral after it was deemed racist. The content was placed on and outlines all the reasons that African-American women shouldn’t even try to get into a sorority at the school. The initial post covers the reasons that black women are not “qualified” to go through sorority recruitment noting that most of the new members come from “old money” and have “strong ties” to the chapter they will join. It is noted that most are “legacies” meaning they have family members who are also members of the sorority in question. The poster claims that black women do not have these same ties, nor the money, needed to be a good member.

Racism Southern Methodist University
Screenshot obtained by Twitter user @MyPWI showing a startling conversation about black women and recruitment at Southern Methodist University. (Image via Twitter)

In addition to the lack of ties and money, the poster claims that African-American women have low GPAs, are not involved on campus, are unprepared and come from “completely different backgrounds.” To be clear on the background differences, the writer says that black women come from poverty and the white recruits simply don’t. As if the original post wasn’t bad enough, a comment outlining the “reasons black women do not and will not get bids” is even more concerning.

Southern Methodist University
The "reasons black women do not and will not get bids" was posted in the comments of the already racism posting. (Image via Twitter)
Southern Methodist University racsi
The list continued with items such as " (Image via Twitter)

The comment with the “list” of reasons black women should just forgo recruitment claims that African-American students are “racist” because they created their own sororities and fraternities and should utilize them. However, after calling black recruits racist, the poster continues on by outlining all black women as uneducated, ugly, impoverished and boring.

“Ya’ll [black women] are aesthetically unpleasing to the eye for both actives and the fraternity men we associate with. No, we don’t want to be the house that took “he black” and end up like Gamma Phi, where guys avoid them like the plague. Sorry, but looks matter.”

To hit the point home that black women are not particularly welcome at Southern Methodist University’s sorority recruitment, another anonymous user commented that “affirmative action won’t help them [black women] with this process.”

Racism in sorority
(Image via Twitter)

The tweet has gone viral with many wondering if the post was a joke. However, the Daily Beast points out that statistics speak louder than words in this case. Matthew Hughey, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut, told the publication that 96 percent of members of traditional Greek organizations are white.

“Approximately 96 percent of the membership of traditional white Greek-letter organizations are composed of white members today. They’re even more segregated and exclusive than the already segregated and excluded predominately white colleges and universities at which they have chapters.”

It appears that Southern Methodist University in Texas falls into the category of already predominately white as the university has a total of 701 black students in a student body of over 11,000.

What do you think about the sorority members’ posts about black women and rushing a sorority at Southern Methodist University?

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