Lockette In Collision With Heath, Bryant In Collision With The Media

November 1, 2015 started off on the right track with a highly anticipated game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas. It was before half-time when Seahawks’ wide-receiver Ricardo Lockette was knocked out in a collision with Jeff Heath.


According to FOXNEWS sports, Lockette was engaged with another cowboy player covering a punt pass before he turned and ran into a block created by Heath. He was then knocked unconscious and lay unmoving on the field.

More details provided by the NBC Sports’ Pro Football site states that it was announced during half-time that Lockette had indeed suffered a concussion, but was doing well and would be left in a Dallas hospital overnight for observation.

After the incident, both teams became aggressive with each other condemning Heath for what some consider to be an illegal blindsided hit.

Two reports follow up on what happened immediately, one from Fansided which shows a Vine clip where Cowboy’s player Dez Bryant yell out obscenities on the field saying that Lockette’s collision was deserved.

It wasn’t long before that story was updated to confirm that what was initially inaudible in the clip, was in fact, not about the collision or Lockette. This was further confirmed with other news reports, such as one from Larry Brown Sports, which also shows a tweet by the abrasive player also denying it.

The tweet was later deleted by the player. To add, after the Vine video went viral, he also had some choice words to say to the media.

Lockette’s collision will no doubt bring up the heated discussion over injuries sustained by active players of the sport, which can be attributed to a special report documentary put together by FRONTLINE journalists in 2013 showing evidence of irreparable brain damage and disease, caused by consistent impact over long periods of time.


In a similar and highly active team sport, on March 20, 2015, Mexican Wrestler Pedro Aguayo Ramirez was killed during a staged kick which severed his neck when he landed incorrectly on the ropes, leaving him limp in the ring as reported in an article by CNN, which is also similar to the collision with Lockette.

In the end however, the Seahawks beat the cowboys by a score of 13-12. Here, Seahawk’s cornerback Richard Sherman, is also interviewed in the locker room where he’s asked about the injury to his teammate, the win and his interaction with Dez Bryant on the field.

As Lockette was being carried off by a stretcher, he motioned to fans and team mates that he was fine to the point where the medicas were able to remove the mask.

Back at home, Seattle’s 710 AM ESPN was able to collect responses from Lockette’s teammates right after the collision took place, some of which addressed the cowboy’s unprofessional conduct when it was was still unclear as to what they had said about the injury and even regarding the facts of the science behind these type of injuries from Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

“Tough game, and it’s hard and sometimes that stuff happens. I just hope he gets back and he’s right and he can come back and play for us.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Ricardo Lockette first joined the Seahawks after the 2011 lockout as a undrafted free agent, which gave him the option to sign with whomever he wanted and did so with the Chicago Bears and the San Franciso 49ers before returning to the Seahawks. Despite the talk about whether he would remain on the team, Lockette eventually signed with them again.

Lockette will be fully recovered from the collision and likely set to play against Arizona on November 15, 2015.

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