Earn Exclusive ‘GTA V’ Unlocks In This Weekend’s Online Halloween Event

Following the launch of the free Halloween DLC pack that introduces loads of new horror-themed content to Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games is also hosting a special online weekend event to help celebrate the spooky holiday.

From now until the end of Sunday, fans can take part in the bonus activities to try out the new Halloween features that were added this week to GTA Online. The official Rockstar Newswire blog detailed that players will have access to special playlists and be given the opportunity to earn exclusive unlocks as well as other prizes.

“Kicking off today and going through this Sunday, November 1st, you’ll have the opportunity to sink those costume teeth and claws into a juicy Halloween weekend lined with sweet GTA Online rewards, featuring the official Event Playlist with the brand new Slasher Adversary Mode.”

GTA Online halloween slasher Other players mush hide from the Slasher in GTA Online’s new Adversary Mode [Image via Rockstar Games]GTA V users can also earn exclusive in-game unlocks through the event. Rockstar Games will give away a unique Halloween T-shirt in Grand Theft Auto Online to everyone that logs onto the game. A different new clothing piece will be available each day, giving players a chance to unlock three different items. The shirts are based on fictitious horror movies that exist within the Grand Theft Auto universe and playing this weekend is the only way that they can be acquired.

“To make sure you’re seasonally attired for the long, dark nights ahead, don’t miss out on the exclusive in-game tees available this weekend only. For accompanying attire on your Los Santos trick-or-treat escapades, log on to GTA Online each day this weekend to unlock exclusive t-shirts featuring a few of Vinewood’s greatest slasher flicks.”

GTA V limited Hallloween shirts GTA Online Halloween Event Unlocks [Images via Rockstar Games]During the event, players can also access a special in-game playlist that will instantly queue them to participate in the new Slasher Adversary Mode, which gives one random player a shotgun while everyone else must try to survive armed only with flashlights. The event playlist for the new mode will be available for this weekend only and will offer three different versions of the new slasher mode.

“Slasher is the brand new Adversary Mode which pits a shotgun wielding menace against a pack of foes hiding in the gloom waiting to strike with melee weapons. So that you can launch straight into the action, the Event Playlist features three different variants of this game mode and is accessible directly from the GTAV launch screens at the press of a button.”

Rockstar Games is also giving away a few physical prizes by selecting random winners from among those with an active Rockstar Social Club account. The five special prize packages included a variety of official Grand Theft Auto V merchandise includes T-shirts, sleeping bags, candles, and stickers.

When the new GTA Online Halloween DLC first became available this past Thursday, players were initially unable to receive some of the items from the new update. As then reported by the Inquisitr, Rockstar Games quickly corrected the issue for those who downloaded the content after the bug was addressed. However, anyone who had already unsuccessfully tried to buy the new Halloween masks or flashlights were unfortunately unable to complete their original in-game transaction.

Rockstar Games was thankfully able to completely reverse the issue on Halloween day and announced on their official support website that the anyone affected by the initial bug should have now been reimbursed for the uncompleted GTA Online purchase. With their money fully refunded, gamers should now simply be able to correctly buy any of the new customization options now that the issue has been fully fixed.

While the current weekend event will end on Sunday, the Halloween features of Grand Theft Auto Online will remain in the game until November 16. Do you plan on spending any time this holiday to try out GTA V‘s new horror-themed festivities?

[Image via Rockstar Games]