'Young And Restless' Cast Rumors: Burgess Jenkins Out As Billy Abbott, Insiders Indicate

Fans of The Young and the Restless are buzzing over the news that Burgess Jenkins is reportedly out of a job now. There have been some rumblings of such a thing for a while, almost ever since he stepped into the role of Billy Abbott. Now, however, word is that Jenkins departure is essentially a done deal. In addition, it seems that Y&R may already have a replacement in mind.

As Y&R fans know, Burgess Jenkins came in during a tricky time. Fans had been heartbroken to see Billy Miller leave the role in December, 2014, as he had really made it his own in the six years he played Billy Abbott. The show brought David Tom back on board for the role, surely thinking that fans would accept him, as he had played the role before.

Unfortunately for David Tom, fans just didn't take to his reprisal of the role and soon he departed as well. That's where Burgess Jenkins came into the picture. Jenkins, who had previously been seen on shows such as One Tree Hill, Nashville, and Army Wives, did his best to win fans over on The Young and the Restless when he started in June, 2014.

'Young and Restless' stars Burgess Jenkins and Peter Bergman
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While Jenkins has won over some Y&R fans, it seems it just wasn't enough. According to Daytime Confidential, Burgess is out. While some will surely start speculating that Billy Abbott could be one of the people to perish in the fire that is about to break out during the event honoring Delia Abbott, it seems a recast is in the works.

Obviously, recasting this role after so many shifts already in the past year is going to be difficult. However, sources indicate that Y&R happens to have its eye on a newly available hunk who is leaving General Hospital. Apparently, though, no deal has been reached as of yet.

If the actor they have in mind passes on the opportunity, just who could they pull in to win over fans in this role? There is no question that Young and Restless fans would love to have Billy Miller head back to Y&R. However, Miller is settled into his gig as Jake Doe/Jason Morgan at General Hospital, and word is out that he has no intention of switching soaps again.

So far, neither Jenkins or Young and Restless have confirmed the news that Burgess Jenkins has been let go. Insiders detail that even if the show can't get the actor they want as he leaves GH, they still are pushing Jenkins out of the Y&R role. It seems that there may be another plastic surgery tale on the way to explain the change in looks for this core character.

Will fans really go for another plastic surgery story? Surely many Y&R viewers will groan with this one, but it may well depend on how it's done. For example, if Billy is injured in the upcoming fire, and simply needs surgery to repair his injuries, fans may accept that without too much grumbling.

On the other hand, if this story is going to be another hidden identity story like what took months to play out with the character of Adam Newman, that will surely bring plenty of criticism. Viewers may put up with it if it's to pave the way for the right actor to come into the role, but Y&R most definitely needs to tread carefully here.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, there have been rumors swirling that Sean Carrigan would be killed off of Young and Restless during this big fire, and the show has teased that there will be casualties. Killing off Ben may well still happen, though there have been some interesting twists and turns in the speculation on that front.

Now, some wonder if the exiting Y&R leading man buzz may be tied to Jenkins, rather than Carrigan. Could the show see both men leaving in the weeks ahead? From the sounds of things, there may be other farewells on the way as well.

For now, fans will have to wait for more Young and Restless spoilers, as additional information becomes available. Is Burgess Jenkins out as Billy Abbott on Y&R? Will a newly available General Hospital star step in to take his place?

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