'Young And Restless' Casting News: Candis Cayne Joins Show, Casting Spoils Scoop On Stitch's Future?

The Young and the Restless has shared a bit of news regarding an upcoming guest star, and this one definitely has fans buzzing on multiple levels. Transgender actress Candis Cayne will be popping up in Genoa City soon, and viewers are anxious to see where this is headed.

For those who recognize Candis Cayne's name, but perhaps can't place why, her connection to Caitlyn Jenner likely will lend some insight. Candis is good friends with Jenner, and there had even been some buzz a while back that perhaps the two were dating. They said that was not the case, but Cayne was present at a party this week in Los Angeles, where Caitlyn celebrated her first "birthday" since coming out publicly about being a transgender person, details People.

As for her casting on The Young and the Restless, it seems that Candis will pop up as a wedding planner named Nona Richards. The character first appears on December 2. Cayne shares that she's hoping that everybody enjoys her character, and she is looking forward to working with the cast and crew. There's no indication of how long Cayne will stick around, though it sounds as if this is a short-term gig.

What is perhaps most interesting about this Y&R casting news is the fact that the People report initially had additional, significant details about who Candis' character would be working with on the show. As Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, fans really buzzed over this announcement because the initial story indicated that Cayne's character would pop up in Genoa City to help plan Abby and Ben's wedding.

As viewers saw this week, Ben proposed to Abby, and she accepted. Knowing that Cayne would be planning this wedding come December would squash the buzz circulating that Ben may be dying in the fire that comes in the next few episodes. The Young and the Restless spoilers and speculation have swirled that Sean Carrigan, who plays Ben, would be leaving the show soon.

Seeing Ben and Abby so quickly reunite and get engaged, with Ashley dealing with conflicting emotions over the news, could well lend itself to the idea that Ben is about to be killed off of the show. It is known that this big fire is about to break out, and that lives will be lost. Neither the show or the actor, however, have commented on the rumors that Carrigan is leaving the show soon.

The big question now, of course, is whether People detailed that Cayne was a wedding planner for Abby and Ben was a red herring, mistaken assumption, or a detail those in the know later realized gave too much away. Could Ben be injured in the fire, rush to marry Abby, and later die? Was the original article wholly incorrect in assuming that the wedding planner was for Abby and Stitch? Or is Ben sticking around, and the rumors of Carrigan's departure were simply wrong?

Y&R fans seem to be able to make solid arguments both for and against the article change being a sign of Stitch's upcoming death. For now, all viewers can do is speculate and wait for the fire drama to play out on-screen. If Cayne isn't planning Ben and Abby's wedding, just whose would it be? Where would that detail come from if it was incorrect? Is Sean Carrigan sticking around after all?

There hasn't been all that much for Stitch to do in Genoa City lately, and Carrigan has been plenty busy with other activities, per his social media accounts. It doesn't seem a stretch to think he may well be killed off soon, but the Cayne casting report does add an interesting wrinkle to the speculation. Answers, at least to some degree, should be coming very soon regarding Ben's fate.

Stay tuned for additional Young and Restless spoilers as the fire breaks out and more details emerge about who dies in this big Genoa City fire. Will Abby and Stitch manage to wed thanks to the character Candis Cayne is coming onto the show to play? The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS, and fans cannot wait to see how this all comes together in the episodes ahead.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]