”Tis The Season For Love’: Hallmark Channel Kicks Off Countdown Of Christmas Movies, Starring Sarah Lancaster And Brendan Perry

‘Tis The Season For Love is an original Hallmark Christmas movie that will debut this weekend. According to The Internet Movie Database, Tis The Season For Love is directed by Terry Ingram and written by Nina Weinman. It stars Garry Chalk as Santa, Andrew Francis as Barry, Jessica Harmon as Eileen, Sarah Lancaster as Beth, and Brendan Perry as Dean. Originally set to premiere on November 14, the comedy-romance flick was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and will now air on Sunday, November 1, according to Zap2it.

countdown-to-christmas-early-thanksgiving Hallmark is staring its Countdown To Christmas early this year. [Image via Hallmark/Facebook]Tis The Season Movie Synopsis

‘Tis The Season For Love centers around Beth, a woman who grew up in a small town but eventually ventured off to NYC to pursue an acting career. When it doesn’t quite happen and her agent gives her the boot, she must decide whether to continue pursuing her dream career or go back to her hometown. Beth decides to go back, where she learned her old flame is now married. However, a new love could blossom with Dean, a handsome firefighter who seemingly has good morals and loves children. As Beth and Dean’s relationship deepens, Dean feels that he is satisfied with his life but wants to find love to make it more complete, while Beth is learning that sometimes greatness happens right at home. ‘Tis The Season For Love is a light-hearted movie that audiences will relate to in a positive way.

Tis The Season For Love is the first movie in a series of 17 that will premiere during the Christmas season on the Hallmark Channel. According to the channel’s website, they are starting a new tradition of offering Christmas movies all day and all night beginning on November 1. From then, a new Christmas movie will debut every Saturday and Sunday as part of their “heart of Christmas” movie lineup.

tis-the-season-synopsis-sarah-lancaster-actress Sarah Lancaster in ‘Tis The Season For Love’ [Image via Hallmark/Facebook]But, with Halloween taking place the same weekend, many dedicated Hallmark viewers think it’s way too early to begin showing Christmas movies all day. For many, the Christmas season shouldn’t traditionally begin until after Thanksgiving. Though always committed to watching the Hallmark Channel, a few movie watchers have taken to Hallmark’s Facebook page to express their programming concerns. Listen in.

“Hallmark I love Christmas movies, but don’t you think non stop for two months is a little much???”

“Why show Christmas movies for 2 months straight for 24hrs???”

“Movies are awesome!!! And i love that you guys have new ones every year…..but seriously starting them on Halloween?! Come on!!! They should be started after Thanksgiving!! Anything earlier is absolutely ridiculous!!!!”

In the upcoming weeks, Hallmark will present several other Christmas movies to set off their countdown to Christmas, including Ice Sculpture Christmas, Charming Christmas, and I’m Not Ready for Christmas. As for this Sunday, if you like the idea of a nonstop Christmas movie marathon, don’t let Hallmark down. Be sure to tune in at 8/7 central to enjoy their new holiday lineup. Here is Hallmark Channel’s official tease for Tis The Season For Love.

Hallmark’s official tease for Tis The Season For Love

“Beth Baker is an out-of-work actress stuck in New York City without her friends at Christmas time. She decides to return home to the quaint small town she escaped 10 years before and finds a place far different than the hamlet she left. She suddenly finds performing possibilities and even romance that kind of blow her away. Will the holidays prove to be as magical for Beth as they appear, or is it doomed to disappear as quickly as it arrived for a lady who is ready to take chances she could never have imagined a decade before. Then again, this is the kind of thing that seems to happen during the Christmas season all the time.”

Tis The Season For Love is produced by Front Street Pictures, a Canadian based production company that offers services in independent film and made-for-tv-movie production, according to their website. In addition to the Hallmark Channel, Front Street’s movies have appeared extensively on the Lifetime Channel. Read up on Inquisitr‘s coverage of two more Hallmark movies, Lost In Paradise and October Kiss.

[Image via Hallmark/Facebook]