Bristol Palin: Pregnant Bristol Has New Battle On Her Hands With Ex Levi Johnston

Pregnant Bristol Palin has a new battle on her hands with ex Levi Johnston. It’s never pretty when two parents are at odds over their children’s well-being and factoring fairness into the equation. The Bottom line is that someone always feels that they get the short end of the stick.

Bristol and Levi share a 6-year-old son together — Tripp. The pair have been at odds in the news for years over their disagreements over custody arrangements, child support, and the like. According to Radar Online, Briston Palin and Levi Johnston are trying to get a final custody agreement in place as well well as settling support payments.

Levi and his wife, Sunny, confirmed in a post on Facebook on Thursday that they are, indeed, going to court with Bristol, hopefully for the last time.

According to Levi, they’re requesting that the courts grant joint custody and decide on a “reasonable child support agreement.” They want to have equal parenting time with Tripp since it’s in Tripp’s best interests to have “equal time with both parents, as well as with siblings on both sides of the family.”

Levi already has two daughters with wife, Sunny — Breeze, 3, and Indy Rae, 9-months.

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, and their baby son at the time, Tripp (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images).
Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, and their baby son at the time, Tripp [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

A number of reports have claimed that Levi owes Bristol Palin as much as $67,000 in child support arrears, but Johnston claims that “the amount owed for child support are grossly over inflated, but yes we are still paying on what we owe every single month.”

Levi Johnston and his wife hope all of this will be resolved shortly “as we have spent quite a lot of time, and quite a lot of money, with still no end in sight.”

It was in early September that Palin and Johnston arrived at a custody agreement, but it was momentary as they asked a judge to nix it the very next day. The agreement was put together when Palin was planning to move to Kentucky to be with her then-fiance, Dakota Meyer. After the two ended their engagement, Bristol decided to stay put in Alaska.

Bristol Palin is currently pregnant, but the father’s identity hasn’t been confirmed. She split from Meyer in May and announced in June that she was expecting. The daughter of former GOP vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has been the voice for teenage girls and young women to exercise abstinence until marriage. She’s accused of giving mixed messages and stirs controversy over the topic of birth control, abortion, and anything related to sex. When it was announced that she was expecting her second child as an unwed mother, she was bashed for her stand and accused of being a hypocrite.

Bristol Palin is voicing her controversial opinion again to stay in headlines. This time, she’s in the news for blaming the victim in a school video taken at Spring Valley high School in Columbia, South Carolina, in which a student was grabbed by the neck and thrown from her chair by a sheriff’s deputy. The Huffington Post reports that Palin said in a blog post on Wednesday that everyone wants to let kids get away with whatever they want and that people need to stop blaming the police and higher authority.

The very pregnant Pain added that it’s time for parents to teach their kids the meaning of respect and that they need to stop acting like “punks.”

Bristol just posted a photo of herself heavily pregnant on Instagram with the caption, “32 weeks with my babe girl!”

Bristol Palin's baby bump shown on Instagram.
Bristol Palin’s baby bump shown on Instagram. [Image via Instagram]

Delivery time is getting close for the expectant mother. Bristol Palin will continue to be a highly watched public figure given her affinity for controversy and the fact that people care about what she has to say, like it or not.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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