ZOMBIE License Plate Leads To Woman’s Arrest

Yardley Joy Frantz was arrested on Friday night after she attempted a hit-and-run attempt despite her very recognizable license plate that reads “ZOMBIE.”

According to the official police report Frantz ran into a pedestrian his nephew with her car and when the pedestrians son attempted to confront Yardley she zapped him with a stun gun, jumped back into her car and quickly drove away.

Witnesses quickly noted her vanity plate with its unique “ZOMBIE” name and they provided police with that information.

Police soon tracked down the driver who claimed she did not know who had been driving her car. In the meantime her own friend told police she was driving the vehicle which probably won’t help her case. When police arrived at her home Yardley was bleeding just about the right eye and she tried to file a domestic violence report with her arresting officers.

According to one witness it appears as if the woman, dressed in pajama pants, came to a stop and then accelerated into a crowd of people, hitting the pedestrians before running off.

Frantz was eventually released on bail but now faces 3 charges aggravated and simple assault charges and a hit-and-run charge. She also faces three counts related to the stun gun, including the use of an incapacitation device.

She was released on $20,000 bail.

Perhaps Yardley is really a zombie and can’t be held responsible for her actions, I really hope that ends up being her defense in this particular case. I think its time we finally retire vampires and zombies, this is all just getting a bit ridiculous.