Koby Bryant And Wife Vanessa Attempting To Reconcile

Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Bryant will be able to officially end their marriage this weekend but insiders believe Vanessa will refuse to officially sign for divorce as the couple are believed to be working towards a full reconciliation.

According to various reports Kobe and Vanessa have been spending much of their free time together and are working out their issues that led to divorce, more specifically Kobe Bryan’s serial cheating.

Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce in December 2011 and under California law couples must wait six months before they can officially sign papers to end their marriage.

Kobe Bryant has not yet moved back in with Vanessa, he recently signed the deeds to all three of their mansions over to Vanessa Bryant which means he would literally be living under her roof.

In the meantime Vanessa has plenty of time to sign the couples divorce papers, after the six month time period has ended the papers can be signed at any time in the future. Basically Kobe Bryant is on a short leash and if anything else goes south he could find himself without a wife and out 50 percent of his cash since California is an equal split state when it comes to divorce.

Kobe and Vanessa have not yet opened up about any type of reconciliation they may be attempting and its likely they won’t talk about their life together until something is a bit more official.

Do you think Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant will ultimately reconcile or is this marriage doomed to end at some point in the future?