‘Big Brother 17’ Romance Update: Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan Ready To Take Relationship To Next Level?

Big Brother 17 fans have been curious to see what would happen with Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan’s relationship after the show was over. Their romance started off on somewhat shaky ground, but by the time the finale rolled around, they seemed anxious to continue the romance off-screen. Now the two have shared some updates with fans and it seems that Austin and Liz are indeed making a go of this relationship. What’s the latest?

Until now, Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan’s relationship has been a long-distance one. She lives in Florida, while Austin lives in Los Angeles. However, Austin and Liz have done quite a bit of traveling back-and-forth to see one another. Not long ago Liz, Austin, her twin sister Julia, and some other Big Brother 17 contestants gathered in Las Vegas for a few days of fun.

Now, it seems, the BB17 stars are ready to take things to the next level. Liz and Julia have started a new Facebook page and shared quite the announcement. The Nolan twins are moving to Los Angeles soon, they say. The post teases that they are excited to see what the future holds for them, and that their future may be on the West Coast.

Of course, Liz and Julia deciding to move to Los Angeles surely is not entirely tied to the fact that Austin lives there. The Nolan twins have been working on developing a brand for themselves for a while now, and certainly relocating to Los Angeles gives them more opportunity on that front than they would find back home in Florida. However, knowing that Austin is there likely adds a bit of motivation in terms of making the move now versus later. While Liz and Julia don’t detail the exact timeframe for the big move, it looks like it won’t be too far down the road.

Just a few days ago, Liz and Austin were together again in California, and it looked like they were having a blast. Matelson shared that he gave Liz a tour of his former stomping grounds in Santa Monica, and he joked about how she managed to get him out for a big hike in Hollywood on leg day. They also did some kind of photo shoot together while they were in Santa Monica.


While Liz, and Julia, may be looking to relocate, it seems they still consider themselves Floridians at heart. After the recent trip, Liz shared a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram and noted that there is no place like home. Some might say that makes it sound as if she’s a bit torn, but it does look like she’s ready to embrace California. Other recent posts from during her trip show her with Austin at Venice Beach and another from what seems to be a different hike the couple took.

Despite all of the togetherness, there are still those Big Brother 17 fans who question the likelihood of this relationship going the distance. Whether Austin and Liz have what it takes to stick together for the long haul now that the show is over or not, at this point they do seem to be spending a lot of time together and are happy with how things are going.

Can Austin and Liz join the ranks of successful Big Brother couples? While Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are the ones many fans think of in terms of lasting couples, they’re not the only ones. Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly are married and expecting their first baby, while Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones have gotten married as well. In addition, Nicole Franzel and Hayden Voss from Big Brother 16 are still together and doing well too.

Do you think Big Brother 17 stars Austin Matelson and Liz Nolan are the real deal? Fans are curious to see what comes next for Austin and Liz and hope that things continue to go well for the BB17 stars.

[Image via Liz Nolan’s Instagram]

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