Colin Cowherd On Caitlyn Jenner: ‘I Have A Problem Being Told To Root For Groups Or People’

Colin Cowherd is never short on opinions, and more often than not he saves them for his own show.

But recently, Colin appeared on the FOX radio show Kilmeade and Friends and voiced some grievances with Caitlyn Jenner, specifically her appearance at this year’s ESPYs.

Jenner’s transformation from Olympic Gold-winning athlete Bruce into Caitlyn grabbed national headlines this year in both the mainstream and sports world. Her journey culminated with Jenner receiving the ESPN Courage Award presented at the ESPYs. A controversial pick by many, Caitlyn was well-received by everyone, including Colin Cowherd himself just days after she accepted the award.

However, while Cowherd still maintains that support, he does take issue it seems with his former employer ESPN pushing their agenda down his throat — something he wasn’t able to voice while still under contract there.

Colin Cowherd Blasts Caitlyn Jenner And ESPN
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“I’ve said this about my former employer,” Cowherd stated. “It’s one of the reasons I came to FOX, the culture was, ‘We’re not going to hover you.'”

He then specifically brought up the Caitlyn Jenner ESPYs controversy where he didn’t shy away from his opinion of ESPN in relation to her accepting the award.

“I don’t have a problem accepting Caitlyn Jenner, I don’t. I have a problem being told to root for groups or people. I root for everybody. I want people to be happy. There is a difference between tolerance, which I am, and ‘root for that,’ ‘give an award for that,’ mentality.”

Colin’s assault then shifted to the mainstream PC crowd.

“We’re getting to a point now in society where everybody is offended by everybody. And you’re forced by society to root, not just accept, but root for groups, root for people. If we’re critical of people from time-to-time, that’s okay. You don’t get to gain without the pain of life.”

Cowherd famously exited from ESPN following remarks that many in the Dominican community found to be offensive. As reported by Inquisitr, Colin was fired from ESPN a full week before he was set to leave for FS1 after commenting that it didn’t require a high IQ to play baseball. He carelessly cited that half of MLB consists of players born in the Dominican Republic as his reasoning, leaving many to insinuate that he doesn’t think Dominicans as a whole are very intelligent or well-educated. Cowherd has since apologized for his comments.

Meanwhile, when the outspoken host himself isn’t spouting off controversial material, he brings on guests that do it for him. Most recently, Cowherd welcomed former Met and Philly great Lenny Dykstra to The Herd to dish on his career in baseball. And as reported by TMZ, what Dykstra told Colin was downright shocking, claiming he essentially blackmailed umpires to help get more favorable calls behind the plate.

“I pulled a half million bucks out and hired private investigators,” Dykstra candidly admitted on The Herd earlier this week. “Their blood’s just as red as ours,” Dykstra said… “Some of them like women, some of them like men, some of them gamble… some of them do whatever.”

ColinC owherd Lenny Dykstra Interview
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Colin then questioned whether or not Dykstra bribed the officials with the knowledge he’d gained, but instead Lenny revealed he took a different approach.

“Fear does a lot to a man. It wasn’t a coincidence that I led the league in walks the next few years, was it?”

Colin actually praised Dykstra, calling his tactics “very smart” at the beginning of the interview. In the end, Lenny justified his unscrupulous behavior.

“I had to do what I had to do to win and support my family,” he told Cowherd.

As reported by the NY Daily News, an MLB spokesman has said they will be investigating Dykstra’s outrageous claims. And if Colin Cowherd continues to host guests like Lenny, he won’t need to the be the one in the hot seat ever again.

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