Tamra Judge Agrees That Vicki Gunvalson Is Not To Be Trusted, Heather Dubrow Defends Bringing Up Vicki’s Comment About Tamra’s Child Custody Drama

Monday night’s airing of Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show showed Vicki Gunvalson being in the hot seat, not only for her involvement with Brooks Ayers and talking badly about Meghan King Edmonds’ marriage to Jim Edmonds, but also for making a cavalier comment about Tamra Judge’s child custody drama.

On the reunion show, after Vicki was criticized for the comments she made about Jim and Meghan’s marriage, Heather Dubrow brought up a comment that Vicki made during Tamra and Eddie Judge’s sex party. Heather revealed that she and Vicki were talking about Tamra’s outfit, which included a strap-on. Vicki, who apparently found Tamra’s costume inappropriate and outrageous, told Heather that it’s no wonder the court is taking Tamra’s children away.

“No wonder they’re taking her kids away.”

At the reunion, Heather yelled at Vicki for saying such a thing. Heather said that she “was sick” over Vicki making light of Tamra’s family drama. Tamra cried. “Sorry about that,” Vicki mumbled.

As the reunion aired, Tamra admitted that it was a mistake for her wear the strap-on. She revealed that Shannon Beador dared her to put it on. Tamra added that she’s “very embarrassed and ashamed” about her behavior.

One person told Tamra that she shouldn’t be down on herself since it was an adult party. The person said that it’s Vicki who should be embarrassed and ashamed over what she said. The viewer told Tamra to never trust Vicki again, since Vicki takes joy in her pain. Tamra replied that she thinks that’s right.

While some people agreed that Vicki is not to be trusted, others criticized Tamra for turning on Vicki so quickly. People accused Tamra of turning her back on Vicki now that she’s the underdog.

Some viewers also criticized Heather Dubrow for bringing up the subject on the reunion show. In response to one person who asked Heather why she waited until the reunion show to bring it up, Heather responded that Tamra Judge hadn’t revealed her drama with her daughter, Sidney, before the reunion show, and so she kept quiet then.

Heather explained that she kept quiet then because she didn’t want it to become an issue or storyline.

She also said that she walked away from Vicki Gunvalson right after she made her comments about Tamra.

Heather added that’s she’s protecting Tamra.

Tamra appreciated Heather telling her what Vicki said. In response to someone who tweeted her admiration for how Heather has Tamra’s back, Tamra said that Heather is “a class act.”

Heather told Tamra that she loves her.

On Part 1 of the reunion show, Tamra tearfully revealed that she hasn’t seen her daughter, Sidney, for about two years after she declared one day that she doesn’t want to live with her anymore and blamed her for ruining her father’s life. Sidney, at the time, was splitting her time between Tamra and her father, Tamra’s ex-husband, Simon Barney. Tamra added that she tried to get Sidney to go to court-ordered counseling with her, but Simon fought that and won. Tamra also revealed that her younger son, Spencer, does not speak to Simon and lives with her full-time.

Tamra later explained why she opened up about Sidney on the reunion show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both Simon and Sidney spoke out against Tamra for what she said on the reunion show. Tamra has since claimed that Simon posed as Sidney to slam her.

While Tamra Judge is now good friends with Heather Dubrow, the same can’t be said for Vicki Gunvalson. As the Inquisitr reported two weeks ago, Tamra declared that she has decided to cut Vicki out of her life due to Vicki repeatedly saying that no one from the cast has been there for her. Of course, Tamra and Vicki’s friendship has gone through some major ups and downs throughout their years together on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Perhaps Season 11 will show their reconciliation?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]