Nicole And Reed McMackin Release A Joint Statement Regarding Her Affair With Shannon Beador’s Husband, David

Nicole and Reed McMackin have spoken out for the first time since news broke of her identity. During the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, cast member Shannon Beador and her husband, David, revealed he had engaged in an eight-month affair with an unnamed woman, who the Daily Mail later revealed was Nicole.

Towards the end of the season, Nicole and Reed McMackin’s marriage became a hot topic in the headlines, and according to their just-released statement, they haven’t enjoyed the attention.

“This has been an extremely trying time,” Nicole and Reed McMackin said in a joint statement to Entertainment Tonight on October 26. “We have done our best to work through our issues in private. Nicole understands that she made a terrible mistake and there has been an incredible price paid by both families.”

As Nicole and Reed McMackin mended their marriage in private following Nicole’s affair with David, David and wife Shannon were going through their own marital troubles in front of Bravo cameras. On the show, the couple were seen going through counseling as Shannon broke the news to her friends and co-stars, including Tamra Barney and Heather Dubrow.

“We want everyone to understand that we love each other very much, and that I have completely forgiven her,” Nicole and Reed McMackin’s statement continues. “We have reached a place where we are moving forward as a family. We believe that our future can be one of happiness, and hope the same for the Beador family. However, it is extremely difficult to move forward with the constant attention drawn to this difficult situation by the Beadors.”

Over the weekend, things between Nicole and Reed McMackin became even more tense after the couple showed up to a USC game, which was also attended by Shannon and her husband. During the game, the two women got into a verbal altercation with one another, allegedly leading Reed to step in and attempt to calm them down.

“Shannon, go sit down. No money to be made here. Please let us be,” he allegedly told the Bravo reality star.

As their statement continued, Nicole and Reed McMackin expressed their frustration in having their names and photos plastered all over the internet.

“This kind of attention has been extremely trying not only to us, but more importantly, our two children,” Nicole and Reed McMackin explained. “We have done our very best to keep our lives, and those of our children out of the public domain. We never have, nor will we ever seek out public attention about this very painful, private matter, and we are hoping that the Beadors, Bravo, and the other cast members will allow us and our children to live our lives in peace.”

Despite their desire to keep their relationship troubles between themselves, Nicole and Reed McMackin’s marriage continues to be a hot topic for fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County. While the two have remained married, even after Nicole’s betrayal, the publication of the affair on the show is sure to have caused strain. And while the 10th season has come to an end, with just two special episodes airing in the next two weeks, Nicole and Reed McMackin may be headed for more painful revelations and heartache when the series returns for its 12th season at some point next year (Bravo has yet to officially renew the series).

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