‘Dancing With The Stars’ Romance Update: Alek Skarlatos, Emma Slater Romance Over Before It Began?

Dancing With the Stars fans have been rooting for a romance to officially begin between Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater. They may have been partnered with others this season, but they were together for the switch-up week, and many DWTS fans found the two to be adorable together. They talked about heading out on a date, and fans are anxious for updates. What’s the latest news about the pair?

At this point, it isn’t entirely clear what is going on between Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater. After their steamy switch-up performance, they were goaded into agreeing to go out on a date together. It had been abundantly obvious from their week together that they were crushing on one another, and even Dancing With the Stars fans who normally don’t jump on the “showmance” bandwagon were anxious to see something come together on this front.

So, did Alek and Emma head out on a date and did things blossom from there? There is a bit of mystery on this front, actually, and DWTS fans aren’t quite sure what to make of it. Alek and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, appeared on Access Hollywood prior to their Week 7 performance, and PureDWTS shared the clip. There were definitely some interesting moments when Alek was asked about Emma.

Skarlatos blushed his way through that part of the interview, and Arnold was a bit flustered. Alek made reference to perhaps having had a chance to grab a meal or drink with Emma after the switch-up week, but he indicated that not much else transpired. However, it was clear that he is still quite smitten with Slater.

However, Arnold said that she feels a bit torn as she is friends with both Emma and Alek, and she noted that “Emma might be unavailable at the moment, but he’s still gonna…” Just what did she mean by that? Is Emma dating someone else now? Or, could this be more along the lines of Emma wanting to put the brakes on the idea of a romance so as not to cause issues with the competition itself?


Unfortunately, nobody is quite sure what Lindsay meant by the comment regarding Emma being unavailable. Many suspect that it was in reference to trying to quiet down the buzz so as not to affect either Alek’s chances in the competition or Emma’s with partner Hayes Grier. However, Emma and Hayes were eliminated during Monday’s show. So, does that open things back up? Seemingly, not at the moment.

Alek and Lindsay chatted with Fox 411 after the Week 7 dances, and Skarlatos said that Emma is “kind of off the market right now,” but “I’ll wait however long I have to.” Once again, this is a bit mysterious. Is Emma actually dating someone else, and thus, truly unavailable? Or is she just holding off until she can quietly give this potential romance a shot away from the attention of DWTS fans and the media?

Some Dancing With the Stars fans wonder if Emma may have reunited with her ex, fellow dance pro Sasha Farber. He certainly was playing a lot of Halloween pranks on her this past week, and the two have stayed friendly. A lot of DWTS fans would love to see the two reunite. However, others speculate that Emma’s lack of availability is not necessarily an indication that she’s seeing someone else.

Lindsay clearly knows what the meaning of these comments truly is, but she doesn’t appear to be doing anything to dissuade Alek from continuing to pursue Emma. If Emma were dating someone, many would say that Lindsay’s reaction would surely be different. In addition, Skarlatos is ever the gentleman as far as viewers have seen, and his indication that he’s willing to wait around no matter what could be seen as something other than hoping a new romance for her falls flat and more a sign that he understands she has reasons for putting him off for a bit.


For her part, Emma was asked a bit about Alek on Good Morning America Tuesday as she and Hayes appeared to talk about their elimination. Slater says that she did go out with Skarlatos on the much-anticipated date, but she didn’t dish out any details. She did toss out a casual “we’ll see” about anything beyond that, but Emma didn’t detail anything about being unavailable. In addition, she did say she’s rooting for Alek and Lindsay to win now that she and Hayes are out of the competition.

Whatever the reality is regarding Emma Slater’s unavailability at the moment, Alek Skarlatos isn’t ready to stop crushing on her quite yet. For now, Dancing With the Stars fans will have to hold out hope, cross their fingers, and stay tuned to see if Alek and Emma’s crush can turn into something more, even if it takes a bit longer than expected.

[Image via Alek Skarlatos’ Instagram]

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