Was Ed Sheeran Drunk At The EMAs? — Either Way, He’s Re-Releasing His Debut Album With Brand New Tracks

Ed Sheeran has been the talk of the town in the music industry lately, having broken a Spotify record and topped the charts with his debut album x or Multiply. He even took home two awards from the European Music Awards, which he hosted with Orange is the New Black actress Ruby Rose. But, based on Ed Sheeran’s behavior at the EMAs, people are questioning if he might have been drunk during the entire presentation.

According to the Independent, fans of Ed Sheeran noticed that he was acting a bit more loose and loud than his typical reserved demeanor. This has led many people to believe the singer was getting progressively more intoxicated as the EMAs went on.

Ed Sheeran was seen with an alcoholic beverage several times throughout the evening. He even joked about drinking gin and needing to sober up. At one point Ed Sheeran even offered Mark Ronson a sip of his drink.

But the best indication of Sheeran’s drunkenness was the contrast between his usual soft-spoken gentleness and his crass, uninhibited sense of humor during the awards show. While bantering with his co-host Ruby Rose, Ed Sheeran suggested they play a game of “hide the banana.” Later, he complimented the actress on her “p****” while she was referring to cats.

Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose, photo by Brian Rasic, Getty Images
Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose. [Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images]
While the Guardian asserted that a drunk Ed Sheeran was more fun than regular Ed Sheeran, they did acknowledge that the singer made a cringe-worthy joke when speaking to Andrea Bocelli, a blind singer.

“Nice to–um–see you,” he said.

Sheeran also nearly lost his balance after firing a glitter cannon.

By the end of the night, the hosts just came out and acknowledged that Ed Sheeran was drunk.

“I think you’re drunk,” Ruby Rose said before feeding him some pasta to get him sober.

Despite Ed Sheeran’s embarrassing stupor, he gave a powerful performance at the event and went home with awards for “best live act” and the “best world stage.” While accepting the awards, the increasingly inebriated singer admitted he didn’t even know how the EMA awards were decided.

“Wow. I don’t even know if this was voted for or not, but thank you if you voted,” Sheeran said.

Sheeran also recently announced some exciting news for fans of his music. According to Entertainment Weekly, the U.K. artist is releasing a new version of his hugely successful debut album. It’s called x – Wembley Edition and it features three brand new songs, as well as a collaboration with Rudimental, “Lay It All on Me (feat. Ed Sheeran).” The special edition album will also come with video footage of a special Ed Sheeran concert event, Ed Sheeran: Jumpers for Goalposts, which was recorded at London’s Wembley Stadium.

X – Wembley Edition is available for pre-order now and officially releases on Friday, November 13.

For more on Ed Sheeran’s co-host Ruby Rose, read about Twitter’s reaction to her welcome at the start of the EMAs, which made a point to include gender fluid people like herself.

Did you catch the EMAs? Did you think Ed Sheeran was drunk the whole time? If you can forgive his sloppy hosting job, will you be picking up the special new version of his album with three previously unreleased tracks? Leave a comment below.

[Photo by Brian Rasic / Getty Images for MTV]

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