‘Arrow’ Season 4 Prepping For Constantine Appearance, Details Revealed [Spoilers]

Arrow season 4 is well under way, and one of the most talked about episodes is nearly here. Only one episode of Arrow season 4 separates Constantine fans from John’s CW debut. According to Screencrush, plot centers around Sara’s not so perfect resurrection, which causes the Green Arrow to call “in a favor from an old friend who deals in the mystical.” The historic DC Comics pair up episode is called Haunted, and if Sara doesn’t get shot by Detective Lance in the next season 4 episode. Matt Ryan describes Constantine‘s move from NBC to the CW as “moving heaven and earth,” and one would presume that Constantine would know.

“They moved heaven and earth to get me here. I was starting rehearsals for a play with Keira Knightley in New York on the first of September. And originally, where the episode sat in the season, I wouldn’t have been able to do it because of my schedule. But everybody just pulled together and moved some things around and really made it work.”

The Inquisitr reported in August that Arrow producer Wendy Mericle pointed out that the CW was bringing over Constantine‘s whole wardrobe and director from the NBC show.

Matt Ryan as Constantine
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Ryan, unfortunately, had very little to say about the plot to Constantine‘s premiere episode. However, he did give some details about Constantine and the Green Arrow’s background, prior to the season 4 episode.

“There is not much that I can say about the plot. Three is a little history between [John and Oliver] … I would not say that they are friends. I would say they are acquaintances who have a past. John owes him.”

Bringing a character like John Constantine to commingle with Green Arrow will certainly cause some conflicts between characters. Constantine’s cocky, brash demeanor, not to mention his hatred for “costumed heroes,” will certainly make for a source conflict with Team Arrow. Matt Ryan points out that it is just the price they’ll have to pay for his knowledge and help with the “mystical”.

“John knows that there are worlds beyond our world, and he is used to dealing with these things on a day-to-day basis. So bringing him into a scenario with a group of people who have never witnessed anything like this is just fascinating. And John is an arrogant bugger too, so they are a little bit thrown off by him. you know, he’s the guy who will give the finger to the devil. So you have this arrogant, trench-coat wearing guy … and Oliver queen. it’s great!”

The only question fans will truly have is how Constantine and Oliver Queen met, and some assume it will be some flashback that will bring it all together. Green Arrow and Constantine have met prior to this upcoming Arrow season 4 episode. Green Arrow #25 has a random appearance of John Constantine in a bar, of course, where he gives Oliver Queen some advice. For Green Arrow fans, bringing this concept in would probably be a winner, which is possible to some extent.

Oliver Queen Meets John Constantine
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Many Constantine fans are hoping that CW has a hidden plan to succeed where NBC failed and create a CW Constantine spin-off TV show. Arrow producer Wendy Mericle denied such ambitions, but another Arrow producer has stated that “I’ve learned to never say never because so much has happened that I didn’t think would happen,” so the spin-off is not impossible.

There is still another Arrow season 4 episode in between, but Haunted is possibly the most anticipated of season 4. Perhaps, if Constantine fans all tune in, it could get the kind of viewership that will lead the CW to adding a Constantine spin-off into their line-up. Constantine fans can dream, right?

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