ISIS Video Shows The Barbaric Murder Of Teen Being Crushed By A Tank

A new ISIS video shows the barbaric murder of a 19-year-old prisoner being executed in a most cruel and unusual way: crushed to death by a military tank.

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The teenager was fighting for pro-government forces in Syria when he was captured by ISIS, according to ARA News. Fadi Amr al-Zaydan is seen in the video, looking poorly and assigned the regular orange jumpsuit ISIS typically reserves for its prisoners and those they are about to execute on video.

While kneeling before the camera and speaking in his native tongue, a masked militant stands behind him all dressed in white. After the victim is done speaking, the masked ISIS fighter begins a rant, waving his hand up and down and pointing to the camera. The ISIS militant adjusts his face mask, presumably not to be seen and identified. His voice sounds warped.

The ISIS video shows the prisoner walking down a road in his bare feet, and a tank is heard and seen to be approaching.

It becomes clear that at some point the teenager was tied after the scene of him walking down the road in barefeet. ISIS fighters tied his hands and feet together so he could not run away from the heavy tank that was approaching. He tried in vain to hop away from the military tank, but the tank ran him over with ease.

ISIS militants cheered next to the roadside over their gory act of barbarism after the teenager had been crushed to death by the huge tank.

ISIS tank
A tank, similar to this one, was used by ISIS to crush and kill the teenage soldier. [Photo by Getty Images]

Fadi Amr al-Zaydan, the young man executed in the ISIS tank video, was from the village of Sian in the northern Latakia province. It appears that ISIS had made him partially shave his head before his execution was carried out.

The video, titled “And If You Punish [An Enemy, Oh Believers], Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were Harmed,” was released on Saturday. It is believed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to be the first ISIS video in which a person is crushed to death by a tank, according to the Mirror.

It is speculated that the killing could have been in retaliation to the U.S. and Kurdish raid in Hawija, Iraq, that rescued 69 prisoners who were about to be executed. The raid saw six ISIS militants captured and 20 dead.

The horrific murder of the teenage soldier being crushed to death by a tank was reportedly filmed by ISIS in the Homs province located in central Syria.

ISIS terrorists are known for their brutal acts of execution. They engage in drownings, setting people on fire, throwing people off of buildings, beheadings, and have even dragged a prisoner to death with the use of a pickup truck.

It seems the madness of ISIS knows no bounds, and they are constantly seeking new ways in which to shock the world.

Lacking air power to combat airstrikes, propaganda videos were released showing ISIS releasing condom bombs into the air. The condoms are filled with helium and carry bombs into the air and apparently explode after reaching a certain height. These bombs are supposedly targeting Russian jets more than anything else.

ISIS recently released another video in which it threatened to kill every Jew in the world in a type of “ISIS Holocaust.”

ISIS eradication
U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders struggle to eradicate ISIS. [Photo by Anthony Behar/Pool]

Despite their deplorable actions, ISIS still manages to recruit people from all over the world. What it will take to stop this crazed group remains to be seen as many countries struggle with the task.

[Photo by Kutluhan Cucel/Getty Images News]