SYFY’s ‘The Hollow’ And Hallmark’s ‘Good Witch Halloween’ Will Really Frighten Up Your Saturday Night

SYFY’s The Hollow and Hallmark’s Good Witch Halloween are two movies that are part of an amazing line-up of movies and TV shows premiering this weekend. With Halloween on its way, viewers from every channel are scouring TV schedules to find something good to watch this Saturday night. We’ve done some of the work for you, as we’ve lined up some of our favorites.

The Hollow on Syfy [Image via YouTube]

The Hollow

The Hollow is a bloody horror movie that follows three sisters who have planned a Halloween getaway on Shelter Island — an Island that was said to be the site of a killer storm that wiped out half of the population. Warned not to make the trip on Halloween, the girls decide to push forward with their plans. But they quickly regret the decision after their car runs out of gas, leaving them at the mercy of a fiery monster that is carrying out the vengeance of a 100-year curse. Will these girls get out alive? Or will they be added to the pile of bodies that are stacking up? The Hollow stars Garry Chalk, Sarah Dugdale, and Richard Harmon and airs tonight at 8 p.m. on SYFY, according to their website.

Good Witch Halloween

Need something a little less bloody? Then Good Witch Halloween would be the best choice. Good Witch Halloween is based on Hallmark’s franchise. Good Witch Halloween centers around Cassandra Nightingale and her daughter, Cassie, as they prepare Grey House for the upcoming annual Harvest Festival. The first movie debuted on the Hallmark Channel in 2008. It was there that we were first introduced to Cassandra Nightingale, a beautiful woman who moves into a haunted house in the town of Middletown. With her suspicious and mysterious ways, she is definitely the talk of the town.

Since its debut, Hallmark has made several other movies, including 2009’s The Good Witch’s Garden, 2010’s The Good Witch’s Gift, 2011’s The Good Witch’s Family, and 2012’s The Good Witch’s Charm. The new TV series entitled Good Witch debuted for the first time in February 2015. Tonight’s original Hallmark movie is a two-hour sneak peak of the upcoming second season of Good Witch (starring Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, Catherine Disher and James Denton). Watch tonight at 8 p.m. central.

Inside Story: Fatal Attraction [Image via Reelz/ Facebook]

Inside Story: Fatal Attraction

Want to watch something that really sizzles? Reelz’ Inside Story goes behind the scenes of the infamous 1987 movie Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas and Glen Close. Back then, Fatal Attraction was called thrilling, extraordinary, and erotic. Who doesn’t remember Dan Gallagher’s one night of indiscretion with the mesmerizing Alex. What started off as a good romp in the hay while the “wifey” was out of town quickly turned into a nightmare for Dan and his family. Inside Story: Fatal Attraction is just perfect for this Saturday night if you want to step back in time and relive one of the sexiest scenes in TV lovemaking history. Michael Douglas discusses the dynamics of what goes into making a love scene, and Glen Close tells viewers what was going through her mind at the time they were filming the memorable kitchen sink scene. Don’t miss Reelz tonight at 9ET/6PT.

Iyanla Fix My Life — “My Delinquent Daughter”

Looking for something a bit more serious and inspirational? Perhaps, the outstanding reality series, Iyanla’s Fix My Life, could be just the right show. In the episode entitled “Fix My Delinquent Daughter,” spiritual teacher Iyanla visits with a grandmother in Chicago whose daughter has left her young son in her care. The grown daughter’s wayward ways are heartbreaking to watch as a grandmother and caretaker of her grandson. Will Iyanla be able to help the daughter correct her irresponsible ways. And will the grandmother admit that she helped enable her daughter? Tune in to #FixMyLife tonight at 8/7 central on OWN to see how Iyanla helps this family deal with the dysfunction and chaos that is breaking their family apart.

Hallmark’s Good Witch Halloween 2015 Trailer

SYFY’s The Hollow Trailer

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