Kendra Wilkinson Gets Marriage ‘Ultimatum’ From Hank Baskett: Is She In Or Out?

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have faced numerous marital problems over the past year. Although the Kendra On Top star has made quite an effort to forgive her husband for his infidelity and repair their marriage, the road to reconciliation hasn’t been easy.

Thanks to the media, Hank’s highly-publicized sex scandal continues to rear its ugly head, making the marital obstacles even more difficult to overcome. Almost immediately after Hank’s alleged affair with a transgender was made public, it was reported that Kendra Wilkinson, who was pregnant with the couple’s second child, was absolutely devastated, as expected.

Initially, the distraught former Playboy bunny wanted nothing more than to distance herself from her husband. But, with time, she decided that she wanted to give their marriage a second chance for the sake of their children. According to Hollywood Life, Kendra shared details about their decision to reconcile during an interview with Access Hollywood. Despite the uphill battle to rebuild their marriage, she defended her husband and insisted they’d be “together forever.”

“He’s not what anybody thinks. He loves me and we’re gonna be together, for the rest of our lives. We’ll prove it, we’ll prove it… until we’re 100 years old. We’re gonna be together forever.”

Now, it appears Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are right back where they started. However, this time, Hank is reportedly tired of the ups and downs. According to E! News, he’s even gone a step further by giving his wife an ultimatum. There’s one looming question that only Kendra can answer.

Does she still want to be with her husband?

It has been reported that Kendra shared details about the ultimatum in a new Kendra On Top clip.

“He gave me an ultimatum,” Wilkinson explained to her friend. “He’s pretty much saying I gotta make up my mind. Am I in this marriage or not? I need to choose.”

While Kendra’s apprehension has merit, she did agree to forgive him for his betrayal. For those who don’t know, Hank Baskett reportedly had an affair with a transgender woman named Ava Sabrina London. Based on all of the reports about the shocking affair, it’s easy to see why Kendra’s forgiveness hasn’t come easily. In the clip, Kendra admitted that moving forward is much more difficult than she imagined it would be.

“I hate being in this place. I want to feel either married or single,” Wilkinson said. “Which one is it gonna be?”

Her friend goes on to cite how happy they appeared at dinner earlier that night, but Kendra quickly corrected her by insisting their happy facade has become a normal illusion to mask the complications of their marriage. She made it clear that their future reamins a mystery.

“I didn’t think it’d be this hard afterwards,” she admitted, referring to their estranged status. “There came that point where I just had ot focus on myself again and when I started to do that I couldn’t look in the mirror and tell myself who I was.”

The latest report about Hank Baskett’s rumored ultimatum for Kendra Wilkinson follows a string of divorce rumors. As previously reported on Inquisitr, Kendra Wilkinson’s makeover only fueled the fire for more divorce rumors as many news outlets speculate the abrupt changes are a subliminal clue detailing what fans can look forward to in months to come. Did Kendra Wilkinson opt for a makeover as the first step toward building a new life without Hank Baskett? Does she still want to be with her husband? At this point, no one really knows. Only time will tell.

[Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for WE tv]