Lamar Odom Receives Very Special Gift From Khloe: Kardashian Fears He May Never Fully Recover — Here’s Why [Video]

Lamar Odom remains the focus for Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian won’t leave Lamar Odom, who is still recovering after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. From his time in the hospital there to the ride back to Los Angeles for more treatment and tests, Khloe has stayed by the side of the man who once was her estranged husband but now, after canceling divorce plans, is the man who Kardashian regards as her responsibility.

And to show that her love has blossomed again, Khloe has given him a very special gift. It’s a goofy, yet significant, toy that Kardashian regards as a symbol of her devotion, according to In Touch Weekly.

Khloe Kardashian remains anxious.

And so when her husband had a bad day, Khloe was there with the enormous inflatable to give him a reason to smile. An insider speculated that it actually might be the same identical giraffe that he had once given Kardashian.

“Khloe surprised Lamar with Henry the Giraffe, which is this ridiculously huge blow-up giraffe he gave her a few years ago,” explained the source.

That insider revealed that although Kardashian filed for divorce, the reality TV star had saved many items from her married days.

Khloe Kardashian remains in a state of anxiety over her husband's health.

In addition, Kardashian turned Henry into a semi-hero on the reality show, which ran as a separate entity from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Obviously sentimental based on that gesture of the giraffe, Khloe was the one who reportedly made the decision to break up in 2013. But now, following his collapse and loss of consciousness from what is being linked to a drug overdose, the 35-year-old former NBA sports star remains hospitalized with Kardashian by his side. She has cancelled divorce plans.

But although Khloe sought to give her husband a reason to smile in the hospital room, Kardashian herself is stressed, reported Life & Style.

Getting minimal sleep and reducing her food intake, Khloe has given her closely knit family a reason to worry, revealed an insider.

“Her mom and sisters are very worried for her, they’re worried about her health,” shared the source. “She’s not making it any easier on herself because she won’t leave his side. She’s been getting a few hours of sleep a night and often less than that… And Khloe hasn’t really been eating much.”

Kardashian also is suffering emotionally after her husband survived one to two surgeries that were described as emergencies and left him in a “fragile” state. Only Khloe can visit him at this point, and she’s by herself with her fears.

“Now that he’s on lock-down, none of her friends are going,” said the insider. “She’s all alone.”

The biggest fear is whether Odom can fully recover after 12 strokes, reported Us Weekly.

Those strokes have impacted his mobility skills and communication skills, from talking to walking. Moreover, major kidney failure has resulted in the need for dialysis.

Aware of what those health dangers may mean for her husband’s future, Kardashian has remained worried and isolating, said sources.

“She sleeps in the ICU with him,” added one insider.

And another source revealed that even though some of Khloe’s many friends have sought to communicate with her, Kardashian has not responded.

“Khloe’s not really responding to friends who’ve reached out; I think she’s just in a bubble,” shared that insider.

And Kardashian has a reason to remain so concerned, noted a source.

“Lamar is not out of the woods,” pointed out that insider. “I think it’s still really touch and go.”

Consequently, Khloe lives in a state of anxiety, reported Hollywood Life.

“Unless you’ve been through it, you have no idea what it’s like to come so close to losing someone you love,” pointed out an insider.

The source also revealed that Kardashian remains in shock, using adrenaline as fuel and unable to relax due to her fear for her husband. Although Khloe may have noted some progress, Kardashian also knows that the dangers are far from over to the man she still loves, added the source.

“[Khloe] can’t relax because she’s still so scared… Every minute feels like it could be the last, and she’s on pins and needles,” revealed the insider. “It’s been such a roller coaster, from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high. But the stress isn’t over by any means, [Kardashian is] still in a constant state of anxiety.”

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