Vicki Gunvalson Vows To Try To Get Meghan King Edmonds Off ‘RHOC,’ Tells Her To Go Back To St. Louis And Focus On Her Marriage

Vicki Gunvalson, star of "The Real Hosuewives of Orange County"

Vicki Gunvalson wants Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County to be Meghan King Edmonds’ first and only one. On Friday, Vicki lashed out at Meghan on Twitter, telling her to go back to St. Louis and vowing to try to get her off the show.

Vicki told Meghan to simply go away. Vicki said Meghan should be in St. Louis worrying about her own life and marriage instead of talking about her. Vicki’s hashtags, “#ByeFelicia” and #Next,” make it clear that Vicki thinks that Meghan is of no importance and that she’s already looking forward to her replacement.

Vicki’s tweet received many comments from her followers, whom expressed support for her and echo her dislike of Meghan. Some people told Vicki that Meghan is not worth her time and to just ignore her. In response to one person who wrote that if Meghan, who has a “screw loose” and is “dum[b] as a rug,” returns next season, she’ll fast forward through her scenes, Vicki vowed to try to get Meghan fired off the show. Vicki said that Meghan isn’t relevant, creates fake stories and is boring.

This isn’t the first time that Vicki has stated that she’ll try to get Meghan fired. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki said the same thing in August. Meghan responded by calling Vicki an “old grandma” who has “aged out” of the show.

Not surprisingly, Meghan, who refused to back down to Vicki all season long, had something to say about Vicki’s tweets. Meghan pointed out that Vicki is hardly the person to give marriage advice or comment on other people’s marriages. Vicki has been divorced twice and broke up with her latest beau, Brooks Ayers, in August after a four year on-and-off relationship.

In response to one person who told her to just ignore Vicki, who likely has a more time on her hands now that she has been allegedly dumped by Brooks, Meghan agreed. It remains to be seen whether Meghan, who has tweeted about Vicki and Brooks all season long, will actually take the person’s advice.