‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Jason Cook Returns As Shawn, Recast After 2 Month Stint

Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting for the moment when Shawn Brady would return home to Salem, and the wait is over. Actor Jason Cook will reprise his role as Shawn Douglas, the son of Hope and Bo Brady on Friday, but his stint will be very brief.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Jason Cook only agreed to appear on Days of Our Lives to help celebrate the 50th anniversary, which is in November. Cook recently revealed that he will only be portraying Shawn Brady for about 2 months.

Jason Cook returns as Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives

However, it looks like the character of Shawn will be sticking around longer than that. According to the report, Shawn Brady will be recast so that he can stay in Salem with his wife, Belle Black, and daughter, Claire. Fans are hoping that Shawn and Belle’s return to Salem will be a long one, or permanent.

Now for the big question. Who will DOOL decide to recast as Shawn Brady? In the past, actor Brandon Beemer has played the character, and since Jason Cook is only staying for an all-too-short two months, it seems like Beemer would be a smoother transition for fans who have already seen him in that role rather than cast yet another new face.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Shawn Brady will have some really great and juicy storylines coming up after he returns to Salem, and the first one will involve his mother, Hope, and his father, Bo Brady. As viewers know, Bo and Hope have been estranged for about three years, and after feeling abandoned, Hope decided to file for divorce and move on with her life with her new love, lawyer Aiden Jennings.

Hope and Aiden butted heads at first, but quickly fell in love. Not long after that, DOOL fans were let in on Aiden’s little secret. He has been working for Stefano DiMera and was hired by him to get close to Hope and make her forget about Bo. Now, the DiMera family is pushing Aiden to marry Hope and kill her for her life insurance policy — a plan that Aiden is seemingly ready to go along with.

Brandon Beemer returning to Days of Our Lives as Shawn Brady?
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However, Shawn will likely see right through Aiden’s facade. Reportedly, upon coming back to Salem, he’ll meet his mother’s fiancé and get negative vibes from him right away. Shawn will not want Hope to marry this man, and will also want to know exactly what is going on with his father, Bo Brady.

All the while, Steve will finally come across Bo, but there will be trouble for both men as they try to escape from whomever has been holding Brady prisoner. Will Steve get Bo home in time to stop Hope’s wedding to Aiden and explain himself to his family? Bo stopped one of Hope’s weddings in the past, and perhaps he’ll be the “hero” Hope needs again this time to save her from the murderous Aiden Jennings.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives is set to keep up the dramatic pace all the way through the first of the year, where a disaster is allegedly set to strike. While it could be a blizzard or some other weather related incident, or possibly something much worse, one of Salem’s finest, Daniel Jonas, is said to be saying his goodbye through that storyline. Spoilers reveal that Nicole and Daniel will not make it to their Valentine’s Day wedding, because Dr. Jonas will die before he gets the chance to marry Nicole, leaving poor Nicole lost and broken yet again. Seriously, she can not catch a break!

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Who do you think should play Shawn Brady when Jason Cook leaves?

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