Love Ranch Owner Suspects Two Female Employees To Have Something To Do With Lamar Odom’s Drug Overdose

In the investigation surrounding Lamar Odom’s hospitalization on Tuesday, the brothel owner thinks that the two female workers on the scene may have had something to do with it.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch where Odom partied for days a couple of weeks ago, said that he thinks there is something suspicious about the two “legal courtesans” whom the ex-NBA player handpicked during his stay.

“They will not answer questions about Lamar or possible drug use while he was here. I’m suspicious,” said the entrepreneur and Cathouse star.

He added that it seemed the two were not really sex workers, and that they “know more than they’re saying.”

As a result, the 69-year-old brothel owner refused to pay the two girls the half of $75,000 that was agreed upon when Odom chose them.

In addition, Hof insisted that as far as he knows, Odom did not do drugs while he was in the brothel. Meanwhile, Monica Monroe, who is one of the sex workers who reportedly found Lamar Odom unconscious inside his room, has already spoken, according to a report.

In her interview with the Daily Mail on Tuesday, October 20, she reiterated that she has nothing to do with the alleged drugging angle, and that she believes that she saved the former NBA star’s life.

On Tuesday, the two women reportedly called 911 after seeing Odom lying unconscious on the floor of his room with fluid running down his nose and mouth. Monroe, which is not her real name, is reportedly under witness protection program after her boyfriend was murdered in December, 2013, as stated in the report. It is also the reason why she refused to reveal her real name.

In addition, Monroe said that she is currently in fear because her face is all over the news. However, she emphasized that she “didn’t do anything wrong.”

Based on another report, Monroe and Kortnie Cannon, who goes by the alias Ryder Cherry, have already left the brothel since the incident, without receiving their payments.

The two girls were supposed to receive half of the $75,000, which was Odom’s payment to the brothel. Monroe and Cannon should have received about $19,000 each, with the remaining $37,500 going to the “house.”

However, in the midst of the investigation, a slew of leaked images appeared and were published by Daily Mail. The images showed the 35-year-old former NBA player in the room, just hours before he passed out due to alleged drug overdose. While the website did not reveal the source of the images, it was assumed that the photos came from one of the girls who were with Odom at that time.

Hof tried to contact the two girls, but they reportedly did not respond. After the incident, Hof’s Love Ranch brothel has reportedly gained popularity, with a one-month long waiting list for those who want to stay in the same room Odom stayed in. Guests who have paid more than $500 will be given the opportunity to view the room.

Khloe Kardashian (31), Lamar Odom’s estranged wife, is obviously not happy about it.

“This is a very painful situation, as I know you are aware, and the idea that anyone would use it to seek publicity is really sad,” she said in an interview.

Fortunately, after being deemed critical by medical experts in a Las Vegas hospital, Odom’s condition has slowly improved.

According to a report, his family is happy with his progress. Odom has also been able to utter a few words to Khloe, who has been by his side since last week.

The latest update about Lamar Odom is that he is now able to breathe on his own, as reported by CNN.

[Image by Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images]