‘Bachelorette’ Couple Update: Are Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth Officially Living Together In Nashville Now?

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth got engaged during ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season, and they have been together ever since. After a round of media appearances post-finale last summer, Kaitlyn and Shawn spent a lot of time together in Bristowe’s hometown of Vancouver in Canada. Now, however, they have headed south, and it seems it may be a place they plan to stay for a while.

Shawn and Kaitlyn post frequently on social media, and they particularly love Snapchat. In a video Shawn posted on Monday, he gave a bit of a peek at his place in Nashville, Tennessee, and he made a comment that Bachelorette fans will surely pick up on as interesting.

Booth panned around his bedroom and said, “And this is what happens when you let your fiancee move in with you. You come home and you have about six extra pillows on your bed, some with things like ‘Dream a Little Dream.'”

Though neither Kaitlyn nor Shawn have made any significant declarations about the arrangement, it would seem that these two are officially living together in Nashville, at least for now. Kaitlyn passed the big test of charming Shawn’s dog Tucker Doodle Dog, and she has clearly settled into Nashville pretty well already in her short time there. Things must be going pretty well if Booth is giving Bristowe the go-ahead on transforming his bachelor pad into a cozy home for both of them.

As is the case after just about every season, this Bachelorette couple has faced some rumors and criticism. There have been some tabloid outlets claiming that Kaitlyn and Shawn are together just for the publicity, fame, and financial opportunities that come as a result of the show. When asked recently about that via Twitter, however, Bristowe replied fiercely that it was not true.

Of course, the big question remains: What comes next for Shawn and Kaitlyn? So far, they have not really shared anything in the way of specifics. In a recent chat with SHOEme, Booth and Bristowe said that they love using social media to show Bachelorette fans that their love is real, not dramatic. In addition, they note that they have really grown their relationship in the days since filming ended.

As for the future, the Bachelorette lovebirds say that they have not yet started any plans for a wedding, as it is still early. However, that does not mean they do not see a future together. For now, it seems just being together and building their relationship is their focus.

When asked about a wedding, Kaitlyn and Shawn said, “There is no doubt we want to get married; we just also want to enjoy every moment right now of being engaged.”

Certainly, the fact that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are living together in Nashville, away from the entertainment industry spotlight, can be taken as a good sign. Though they do seem to be embracing opportunities for events, trips, and the like, and have started blogs and talk about starting a YouTube channel, they do not seem to be heading for Hollywood at this point as some thought they might. They may not be hiding away, but they also do seem to be focusing on life as a couple now.

Could Kaitlyn and Shawn end up walking down the aisle at some point? Will this Bachelorette couple beat the odds and stay together? Their fans are certainly rooting for them, and it would appear that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth have every intention of proving their doubters wrong.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]