Karrueche Tran Has Had Her Fill Of Chris Brown, Moves On To Drake

Model Karrueche Tran has reportedly been seen getting comfortable with rapper Drake in a Los Angeles club on Friday.

In the report, Drake, 28, approached Tran, 27, while they were hanging out at Mr. Nice Guy in West Hollywood.

“[Drake] swung by [Karrueche’s] table and said hi, and they had a nice catch-up conversation,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

The encounter was initially seen as rather awkward, especially after the singer-songwriter dissed the model in his song “Live from the Gutter”. In the track, Drake sings lines that are aimed at hip-hop star, Chris Brown: “This is for my n—-s on that bulls–t and that nonsense. This is for my dawgs that go Karrueche with the chopsticks.”

However, it seems that Tran and Drake’s mutual disgust for Brown made them reconcile on the spot. Reports add that the quick chat was very friendly and gave them an opportunity to catch up with each other.

Back in April, while the model was still with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, she found out that he had a daughter named Royalty with another woman. They broke up right after the revelation while Brown was fighting for legal custody.

Meanwhile, in response to Drake’s insulting song lyrics, Brown said “I’m too blessed for the b——t. People who have had to sit and watch me for years do me and watch their females actually love me always show their insecurities.”

The two entertainers have been in an ongoing feud for years. Back in 2012, Brown and Drake were involved in a brawl in a New York night club. The fight was allegedly over Brown’s ex, Rihanna, whom Drake was reportedly dating at that time.

This time around, Drake could be eyeing Karrueche Tran, whom Breezy “deeply” cared for in the past. A few months ago, the “Yeah 3x” singer tried to “shove his way” into Tran’s SUV when they got out of the Playhouse Night Club in L.A., just to try and talk to her. However, his plan failed, and so Brown showed up at his then-girlfriend’s house, where he proceeded to make a scene.

According to other sources, the 26-year-old hit maker is already over Tran.

“He’s so over that girl it’s crazy,” said the source. “If she wants to go around and talk, kiss, and hook up with every dude in Hollywood, then so be it. That’s her business. He’s dropped all feelings for her,” the insider added.

In addition, the insider mentioned that the only person that Brown is interested in right now is his 14-month-old daughter, Royalty. Since winning partial custody of her daughter, Breezy has been hands-on with his fatherly duties. Brown has been seen taking Royalty to parks, zoos, and even studio recordings.

In a separate report, the “Run It” singer is allegedly refraining from bringing girls into his home, and he’ll only let a girl meet Royalty if they are really serious in their relationship.

While everything with his daughter is going fine, it seems the “No Air” singer is making an effort to at least settle things with Tran. In Brown’s newest song, entitled “Sorry,” he sings about the regret one feels for breaking someone’s heart, and in this case it could be Tran.

While there is also speculation that the song may also be dedicated to Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna, whom he physically assaulted during a pre-Grammy event in L.A., an insider confirmed that the latest single is actually for Tran.

“It was definitely written for Karrueche, and I am sure she listens to it,” according to a statement given to Urban Islandz.

For now, with Brown’s “approval,” it seems Drake has the green light to pursue Karrueche Tran – if he’s serious about her, that is.

[Images by Earl Gibson III, Frazer Harrison; Getty Images]