Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Romance Rumors: ‘It’s Total Bull—-‘

Gwen Stefani is just coming off of a split from husband Gavin Rossdale and the No Doubt lead singer is already facing rumors of a suspected romance with Blake Shelton, which Stefani asserts are totally false. Shelton, who Gwen has been working with on The Voice, is also newly divorced, having split from Miranda Lambert in July.

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Not Romantically Involved

Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice brought Gwen Stefani together with Blake Shelton at a time when both are newly single and nursing their wounds following their respective divorces, so it seems only natural that Stefani and Shelton might bond and form a friendship. Unfortunately, male-female friendships often spawn rumors and gossip, which is just what has happened with Gwen’s association with Blake.

“It’s total bulls—,” one source close to Stefani told People magazine of the rumors. “There’s nothing there. They’re nothing more than friends.”

There can be little doubt that a new romance and dating would be the furthest thing from Stefani’s mind after listening to the lyrics in Gwen Stefani’s first solo single following her break-up with Rossdale. The emotional pain Stefani expresses is felt as much as it is heard, as Stefani cries out the lyrics that seem to hold such a personal meaning.

“[It’s] just truth. Just being clear and being true to myself. I just want to be fulfilled,” Stefani says of her solo music and of her life in general.

The Gwen Stefani Album That Almost Wasn’t

Gwen Stefani had been working seriously on putting out a new album, collaborating with Pharrell Williams and Eminem, as well as working with Benny Blanco; but, after a year of hard work and devotion to that single cause, Stefani trashed the entire album. Stefani says that, even though she was involved in the process from start to finish, there just wasn’t enough of herself in the songs. She was going through the motions, but Stefani just wasn’t feeling it. Stefani said she knew she had to find her space and start from scratch.

Meanwhile, Stefani has been dealing with her split from husband Gavin Rossdale and protecting her children — Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 19 months — from the fallout. It’s been an emotional time and Gwen has found that pouring that raw emotion into her work has helped her to find that new solo voice she’s been striving to set free.

Hosting her MasterCard Priceless Surprises concert at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, Stefani debuted the first single from her forthcoming album. The song, “Used To Love You,” expressed Gwen’s deeply personal feelings about the loss of her relationship, speaking to the audience of 2,200 souls on an equally personal level.

“I needed to go through what I needed to go through to write the record that I needed to write. There was a lot of prayer and meditating in the sense of trying to be open and grateful with this record,” Stefani told Entertainment Weekly. “These songs are really natural — they’re from not worrying about what happened or what’s going to happen but about living in the moment, from trying to be present and trying to feel.”

Gwen Stefani recounted her musical career, recalling that the creation of each No Doubt album had been a learning experience, bringing Stefani from the position of being new and naive with 1995’s Tragic Kingdom to 2015, when Gwen realized she knew better than anyone that her solo album needed to be scrapped and completely redone.

Gwen Stefani isn’t able to offer a release date for her new album, though she hints that it may not be too far off in the future, since she says she now has more than enough music for a full album.

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