Sean Penn And Madonna Reunion Rumors Still Going Strong

Are Sean Penn and Madonna getting back together? That’s the question fans are asking after seeing the ex-spouses hanging around each other in recent months. Madonna and Sean have been friendly over the years, seemingly escaping their volatile past. But in recent months, since Penn has been single, it looks like they’ve only grown even closer.

According to Radar Online, Sean Penn showed up to another one of Madonna’s concerts. This is the second concert he’s been at from the Rebel Heart tour. This time around he left his daughter, Dylan, at home, and appeared next to Comedian Amy Schumer during an October 14 concert in Vancouver. During the concert it was said that Penn “gazed adoringly at his ex from the audience.”

The couple also reunited at the Secret Project Screening in New York. Radar Online reported that Madonna and Sean had a secret rendezvous in a hotel. The two booked at the same hotel during the Vancouver stop, and according to the source, Penn plans on following his ex-wife throughout the leg of her tour, especially during her Los Angeles shows.

Previously, Penn attended Madonna’s concert with his daughter, Dylan, in New York. During the concert, his famous ex dedicated the song “True Blue” to him. After the concert, the two met up, and Sean introduced Madonna to his daughter, Dylan. Rumors about these two have been swirling since then, and Madonna hasn’t really done anything to stop it.

The song “True Blue,” which Madonna dedicated to Sean, is telling. Here are the lyrics: “Keep you apart, deep in my heart. Separate from the rest, where I like you the best. And keep the things you forgot.”

She followed up her dedication to Penn with another tidbit about their relationship. Madonna told a crowd that Sean wrote her a letter, admitting that while he was jealous of her while they were married, he finally gets her as an artist. Madonna proudly told that audience, “He finally appreciates my art. And that is what I have to say about marriage, okay? Thirty years later.”

Madonna and Sean wed in 1986, but their tumultuous relationship was always in the tabloids. The two split three years after getting hitched, with Madonna filing for divorce over “irreconcilable differences.” At one time, Penn was charged with assault after getting into a fight with his ex. Now that Sean Penn isn’t a wild child anymore, and even Madonna has seemed to cool down, maybe they understand each other in a way they couldn’t before?

As the Inquisitr reported, the two have remained close friends, but it seems like Madonna, along with her friend, is really hoping to rekindle their romance that happened over thirty years ago. A source told Us Weekly about the couple that “Madonna’s friends wish she’d get back with Sean. He will always be the love of her life.”

Debi Mazar, an actress and close friend of Madonna’s, said she wouldn’t be surprised if the two reunited. According to Mazar, Penn is and always will be the love of her life. The fact that the two have been seeing so much of each other in the wake of Sean’s split from ex Charlize Theron is pretty telling.

Madonna Instagram

In addition to concert sightings, Sean Penn has been a fixture on Madonna’s Instagram page. Back in August, Madonna shared a sexy throwback of she and Sean Penn together. She decided to share a portrait shot by photographer Herb Ritts to celebrate their birthdays. She captioned the photo with, “It’s almost our birthdays!! 2 Leo’s” along with a heart emoji and the hashtag #rebelhearts.

[Photo by Brenda Chase / Getty Images]