'Invisible Kid' Halloween Costume: Popular Black Bodysuit Halloween Costume Brings Danger Warning [Video]

Paula Mooney

There is a new Halloween costume that is causing warnings to go out due to the danger it could present. The "Invisible Kid" costume has been flying off the shelves, reports Jeff Rossen of Rossen Reports in the below Today show video. Kids walking the streets on October 31 are more than twice as likely to get injured from getting hit by a car. The "Invisible Kid" costume is being called a terrible idea not only because it blocks the kids' vision, but also because the "Invisible Kid" costume makes the child almost invisible to drivers at night.

On the Today show, the "Invisible" Halloween bodysuit costume raised concerns because the reporters put the black bodysuit on a mannequin to determine if a driver could see the "Invisible kid" before it was too late. Admittedly, the bodysuits come in more colors than black, but it's the black "Invisible kid" costumes that are causing the most concern.

While many sellers sell the "Invisible Kid" Halloween costumes, some of them even brag about making kids totally invisible. Experts warn parents to place colorful bands and other objects on any kid who insists on wearing the "Invisible Kid" costume -- or to forgo getting one of the black bodysuit costumes altogether to avoid danger. According to Today, the risk of children getting hit by cars on Halloween during trick or treating is one big reason to avoid the "Invisible Kid" costumes.

A search for "Invisible Kid" costumes on Amazon turns up a plethora of costumes being sold via the online retailer.

The product description for one of the "Invisible Kid" costumes claims it comes with a hooded mask, along with a jumpsuit with gloves and socks. The maker of one of the "Invisible Kid" costumes describes how it could be used during Halloween or other occasions.

"Blend into the background or stand out in a crowd. Perfect for group costumes, plays and skits, dance and stage performances or Halloween."

However, consumers are already writing customer reviews about the "Invisible Kid" costume, warning others about the potential danger that they pose.

"If you would like your child to get hit by a car or lose them, then buy this costume. Channel 7 news just showed how a child wearing only this bodysuit can get hit by a car or lost. This is the worst idea ever! If you are thinking about buying this. Please incorporate some glows sticks or a flashlight. Stay safe this Halloween!"

Other customers have left positive or average reviews about the fit and make of the "Invisible Kid" costumes, some writing that their kids loved the bodysuits, while others found it too small or cheaply made.

Not all of the costumes are titled "Invisible Kid" costumes. Some are called "Child's Black Second Skin," "Morph Suit," and other names, but the photos appear similar to the "Invisible Kid" costumes.

Marketed to kids from 8 to 10 years of age, the "Invisible Kid" costume received some negative reviews not because of the danger posed due to making them nearly invisible, but because one company placed the text "MorphSuit.com" across the butt of the costume. Parents are complaining that their children are not walking billboards or advertisements.

Now that these "Invisible Kid" suits have made the news in a negative way, it'll be interesting to see how the sales of the costumes are affected. According to NJ.com, several controversial Halloween costumes include the Caitlyn Jenner and Ray Rice costumes. Perhaps the "Invisible Kid" costumes will also soon join their list.

[Images via Amazon, Today video]