February 3, 2017
Is This The ZombiCon Shooter? Video Shows The Moment Gunfire Rang Out At Event, And Man Walks Past Police With Gun

One person is dead and four others were injured following a shooting at the ZombiCon event in Fort Meyers, Florida. With the shooter still at large, police are hoping that photos and videos taken at the crime scene will help identify the killer. Though police are still searching for the shooter, social media is abuzz with videos and photos from the event. One particularly startling video shows the exact moment that the gunshots ran out into the crowd. Moments after the gunshots are heard, people can be seen frantically fleeing the area as police descend into the street. One ZombiCon goer claims that one video clearly shows a man with a gun walking directly in front of police.

The video was uploaded by George Hades and was taken during the ZombiCon event in Fort Meyers, Florida. The video focuses on random people in the street having a good time until the 1:10 mark when gunshots can be heard ringing out in the street. As the shots are fired, people can be seen quickly fleeing the area as confused police suddenly jump into action.

However, George Hades thinks the police made a grave error as he says the "Zombicon shooter walks right by cops" in the video. Upon closer inspection you can see that a man wearing a dark t-shirt with white lettering is holding what appears to be a gun in his right arm. As he approaches the police it appears he tries to holster the weapon before simply walking away with the gun down to his side. People have taken screenshots of the person claiming it clearly shows a weapon of some sort.

ZombiCon Shooter
Video taken from the ZombiCon shooting shows a man that the uploader claims is a weapon of some sort. However, it is unknown if the weapon was real or a replica used for the festivities. (Image Credit: Facebook)

Though the man was seen near the shooting and was carrying a gun, it should be noted that the event was Zombie-themed and many festival goers were carrying around fake weapons. Therefore, commenters claim it is premature for George to call the man a shooter when, in fact, he could just be a ZombiCon attendee with a fake gun.

Zombicon shooting
A man holding an alleged gun as he walks away from the ZombiCon shooting scene. (Image Credit: Facebook)

The startling video of the gunshots was not the only video taken at the scene. Graphic footage obtained by ZombiCon revelers show the bloody aftermath of the scene. One video shows a man lying on the ground as police surround him. The police rip off their belts as they wrap it around his legs. Another graphic video of the ZombiCon shooting shows a man lying motionless in the streets as another person dressed in costume can be seen weeping in the street. A woman is holding the crying individual attempting to calm them. The police tell people to "get back" as shocked ZombiCon festival goers are told to leave the area.

The chaos allegedly continued as people fled the shooting scene. This video purportedly shows a man "knocked out cold" as he left Downtown Fort Meyers.

Meanwhile, this video shows the chaos from above as people fled in mass from the shooting scene at ZombiCon.Do you think police will be able to use social media to track down the shooter? Do you think the nature of the event, which includes fake blood, weapons, and costumes, will make the investigation more difficult?