Thieves Receive Spanking While Trying To Stick Up Store Owner [VIDEO]

Two thieves trying to burglarize an Ottawa convenience store quickly realized that their plan was a bust when the store owner flipped one over the counter and proceeded to give him the spanking of a lifetime.

Store owner Zhen Yang was closing up his store at around 10:30 pm after a long day at the shop. Living directly above the store provided it’s advantages as he’s available to avoid a long commute home to see his wife and kids.

Just as Yang was about to call it a night, two men came barging into the small store demanding money. Originially believing it was a joke, Yang wasn’t quick to react to their demands. However, it was when the two men began wielding their knives around that Yang knew it was no longer a joke.

“Nobody takes out a knife to make a joke,” he said. “At that point, I got a little bit scared.”

Quickly realizing that he needed to defend himself, the store owner suddenly remembered that he had a can of bear spray tucked away behind the counter for emergencies. Aiming directly at their faces, Yang squeezed the trigger and unleashed a large cloud of spray that he claims is still burning his skin from contact.

As the would be robbers fled the scene, Yang was able to grab hold of one of the robbers by the belt, trapping him half way over the counter with his butt in the air. That’s when the quick thinking shop owner decided to give the thief a serious butt whooping, literally.

Soon joined by his wife Bi Liang, the two were able to continue beating on the already dazed man.

“I hate all robbers,” she said. “We did the right thing. You come in first to rob my store then to kill my husband, I try to protect myself and my family.”

Able to hold the first suspect there until the police arrived, the law was then able to interrogate and track down the second thief.

This is the third time in six years that the store has been robbed.