WWE News: Update On Plans For John Cena And The WWE United States Championship

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WWE Superstar is said to be leaving WWE for a short period of time right after WWE Hell in a Cell next week. He is reportedly working on a fitness-themed reality show for the Fox Network and won’t be back with WWE until near the end of December. Cena asked for this time off months ago, and WWE granted it to him, meaning he will be gone for potentially two months. Many believe he’ll make his return at the Royal Rumble, but it of course all depends on when WWE wants him back.

This leaves the WWE United States Championship up in the air. What will WWE do with the title now that Cena has to take time off? Will John Cena be written off of TV with an injury, or will he simply leave only to come back and get his classic Cena revenge after a short time away?

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is just as clueless as we are on the idea of what to do with the US Title.

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As of WWE RAW this past Monday, WWE had no concrete plans in place for Cena and his US Title. Officials know that Cena will leave soon, but they want to keep the US Title near the top of the card, where Cena has brought it up to. The problem is that he has to lose the championship before he sets out on his new venture. The problem comes down to who the title needs to go to.

While WWE has considered the likes of The New Day holding it, the most likely candidate is said to be Dolph Ziggler as of now. This means WWE will be pushing Ziggler once again in the Fall, and the hope is that he will be given the opportunity to continue in that position.

There is a thought that WWE might bring someone up from WWE NXT at WWE Hell in a Cell to take on John Cena, and then beat him. This would of course lead to an instant rematch with Cena, and maybe a potential WrestleMania match with him. Since John Cena has been working with newer stars every year now at WrestleMania, it only makes sense for an NXT guy to come in and take down Cena.

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Many want to see someone out of NXT come up and take the United States Title from Cena over the likes of a Ziggler or New Day. The problem is who the WWE would want for this position. If they did end up going that direction, as well, it would be an instant mega-push for them, because they would beat Cena. On top of this, due to Cena leaving, the story would go that the Cena loss made him go away for a few months.

While this makes total sense for WWE to go to, Ziggler is said to be the best possible option because he is already on the main roster and needs to be used in a major way. There are also reports for Dolph Ziggler to turn heel soon, so that only makes him beating Cena make more sense right now. There is also a story coming from WWE Total Divas where Ziggler is trying to get back together with Nikki Bella, who is Cena’s real life girlfriend.

WWE has yet to play this out on WWE programming away from Total Divas, while everyone else’s relationships have been exposed whenever possible. This story with Ziggler could very well be the time WWE leads to Cena and Bella being documented as together in storylines. While that is not yet confirmed, it only helps sell the story of Cena/Ziggler, so WWE would be foolish not to use it.

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